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Can We Confirm Planet Magnetic Changes?

By James Donahue

The Abba Father’s revelation this week that the Earth is in the beginning stages of a complete magnetic pole shift should be something that the scientific community can confirm. It did not take much research to determine that world geophysicists are, indeed, reporting that something odd is happening and that the north point of the planet’s magnetic field is on the move.

The best public news event involved the report that Tampa International Airport in Florida closed its main runway for a week to change taxiway signs to compensate for the new magnetic north, which moved about 40 miles toward Russia in just one year.

Pilots, marine navigators and explorers that use a compass know that there has always been a difference between true North and the Earth’s magnetic dipole. The compass always points to magnetic North which has traditionally been 11.5 degrees off-center from the Earth’s rotational axis. This magnetic point is constantly moving, must usually no more than a mile or two in a year. The shift of 40 miles in one year is not really normal but physicists have not expressed concern.

What is catching their attention, however, is a spreading and general weakening of the Earth’s southern internal magnetic field known as the South Atlantic Anomaly. They are watching this closely because they say a weakening of the magnetic fields can be an indication that a magnetic reversal may be about to occur. The last one happened about 800,000 years ago.

That large flocks of birds are strangely falling dead from the sky, apparently dying while in flight, and large numbers of fish are floating dead to the surface of our lakes, rivers and seas all over the planet suggests that something abnormal is occurring in their natural environment. Schools of fish and flocks of birds navigate in formation, guided by the way they sense the natural magnetic pull of the planet. Could it be that they are flying and swimming into each other because this natural guidance system is no longer operating the same?

The physicists and other scientists who study such things agree that a magnetic shift doesn’t mean that the Earth will spin upside down on its axis, but rather that there will be a general weakening of the magnetic pull at the Northern and Southern points of the planet, followed by a period of general confusion before the fields regenerate.

While this is going on there will be general chaos all over the world. Ships and aircraft will find their GPS and navigation equipment no longer works. If it happens while aircraft are in mid-air and ships are at sea, the navigators will be unable to find their way home. Birds and other animals in migration will be confused and turn up in strange places. Satellites will not function correctly thus cutting off all television, radio and television communications. Cell phones and the Internet will no longer work.

If the magnetic shift has already begun, it may account for the abnormal storms and extreme weather patterns occurring all over the world. Stories are in the news even now about deer, bear and other wild animals wandering around it heavily populated areas where they do not belong. Food crops will not be readily available so food at the local grocery stores will be in short supply, if available at all.

If the Abba Father’s prediction of an Earth wobble is correct, it might account for even more chaos. The message said some people would be unable to remain standing. Others would be unable to think clearly. He said they would also be unable to tell time. Thus the very element of time may be affected by what is about to happen.

The Abba Father message is that the magnetic pole shift is only the beginning of the planet’s process of repairing and regenerating itself. It appears that there are more changes coming after this. The Abba Father said that humans “cannot understand the happenings.”

Because of the severity of this message, we made contact with The Abba Father again on January 12 just to confirm it. The answer was:”Tell everything now. Don’t wait. Tell people an Earth change is here.”

The Abba Father explained that this is happening now because “The Earth needs rest from all the many people who pollute on Earth. She cannot be alive much longer so beings have decided to let Earth changes come.”

This, in effect, is a regeneration and restoration of our living planet. The Abba Father said the process will take about a year. During this time more birds will fall, more animals will wander confused, and even time will be speeded up. The planet’s wobble will trigger more volcanism.

“People will notice changes and will be alarmed at that they see happening.” Abba Father advised that the best way for humans to deal with what is about to happen is to “lean on one another in love and brotherhood.”

While not all humans will survive the dynamics of events to come, we are not to fear. In the end we will all become One, and when we arrive in the New World, we will be like babes stepping forth in a perfect environment. No one will be left behind.