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Preparing For A Looming Human Extinction

By James Donahue

As the calendar moves closer and closer to those dreaded dates . . . May 21, 2011when Family Radio personality Harold Camping predicts the rapture of the Christians into the clouds with Jesus . . . or December 21, 2012, the date when the Mayan Calendar comes to an abrupt end, there is a growing human awareness that something important is about to happen.

With the help of instant global electronic communications a growing list of contemporary prophets, all claiming they are channeling intelligence beyond the veil, are predicting some form of an apocalyptic “shift” on the Earth. They are saying that the world as we know it will be changing, but the stories are not always the same.

Theta Healer Susan Donahue, who teaches and practices an ancient but revived form of healing through direct spiritual contact with The Creator, now says she is receiving what she calls “downloads” of information designed to prepare people for the extinction experience that is about to occur.

Susan has been instructed to make these downloads available to all that will listen. The instructions are to read each message carefully and then, once it is clearly understood, answer “yes, I want this” as if in silent prayer to The Creator. If you are sensitive to spiritual works, and give pause between readings, you will feel the power of each download as it enters you.

The messengers all tell us that Earth extinction, which will be of our own foolish making, will not be the end of life, but merely a movement from the bodies we presently occupy into new forms of reality. The downloads are designed to help erase excess baggage like false beliefs, curses and other forms of bad Karma so that it will not bog us down when we enter the new world.

We publish the downloads here in the spirit of love and good will. Whether you, the reader, wishes to believe in the existence of The Creator, or believe that workers like Susan Donahue and the other “prophets” are correct in their warnings that human extinction draws near, is not important. Merely reading the following messages and allowing your spirit to accept the healing information they contain, could impact your lives.

I know what it feels like, how to and I do love myself, know I am loved, and am allowed to sense know and feel that deep love from myself to myself and out to others constantly. That I know what if feels like, how to and I do pray incessantly for new ways of honoring myself by going within and understanding the immense beauty there. I allow that beauty to flow through me constantly inspiring myself and others to health, prosperity and abundance in all ways. Say yes and be open to receive.

I know what it feels, like, how to and I do have creators wisdom, courage, honesty and self love to look deep within and see what is there. I also have creators knowledge that I am allowed to, I know how to, what it feels like and I do reprogram the beliefs that prevent me from effectively healing myself and my life. -If you want this say yes and be open to receive.

I know what it feels like how to, and that that you do rejoice in being? Would you like to know that others rejoice in your being too? Just say yes, and be open to receive.

I know what it feels like to have Creators definition and perspective of power? I know what it feels like and how to and that I am a powerful co-creator with God without being destructive? Would you like to know you can be a powerful human being without being destructive? Would you like to be disconnected to the negative group consciousness of power? If so, say yes and be open to receive.

Lastly, but most important, Susan offers the following download on her personal website, Thetahealing


"The problem many of us have is a false perception of God. Somehow we or our ancestors were duped into thinking the source of life is a guy who wants us to suffer. This is extremely dangerous to our psyche. It creates a deep need to destroy life. On a subconscious level we want to destroy ourselves in an attempt to destroy this vindictive "god" that hates us for existing. Being self destructive is going to manifest as destruction outwardly as well.

"This accounts for the current and historical war on women. Since women are the source of where physical life stems, this need to escape a vengeful god is taken out on women .Women are unconsciously made to suffer, to be punished for bringing life into a world where the very source of life hates them for being.

"While in the theta brain wave state it was communicated to me that we are going to extinction (physical, third plane, not actual and final) if this false perception of the source of life is not corrected.  If we can begin now to make this change, in our core, genetic, historical and soul levels than we may be able to turn things around. Most of us have consciously moved beyond this concept, but the belief may remain in your genetic code from your ancestors (Spanish Inquisition anyone?)

I know what it feels like and how to and that you do have the perspective from the Source of All That Is of God or Creator? Would you like to live your daily life without the program that this God wants you to suffer? Would you like to know, realize and feel the Love of the True Source of All That Is? Would you like to know what it feels like and how to allow this energy to love and nourish you to wholeness, health and prosperity? Just say yes and be open to receive.

"By saying yes to the above these false beliefs and programming are removed from all four belief levels, every cell of your being, resolved on the historical level and soul fragments cleaned off and returned to you."