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Tricked Into A False Matrix

By James Donahue

A penetrating article by Randy George titled The Veil of Illusion offers some insight into just how humanity has been misdirected from the perfect world we were always meant to enjoy to the twisted and enslaving system of materialism and suffering we have.

Anyone that saw the classic 1999 Hollywood film The Matrix, written and directed by Andy and Lana Wachowski might grasp the concept of existing within an illusion that conceals the reality that exists all around us. Indeed, quantum physicists today, knowing the amazing way that everything we see is comprised of atoms that consist mostly of empty space, and that all atoms, whether those found within living beings or rocks in the field look and behave just the same, suspect that the illusion theorists may be right.

They theorize that while we exist in a mental state of awareness, our bodies and the world around our bodies may be nothing more than an amazingly detailed hologram created by our minds. Thus the idea that everybody creates their own universe may also be correct. That we all seem to agree on the reality we share may stem from the fact that we all live together and learn the perceptions of accepted reality from social contact.

In his article, George, like many other thinkers and especially people involved in spiritual and esoteric research, suggest that we have been subjected to a false matrix created by “a very large, intricate force at work in the shadows of virtually every corner of reality.” He offers a troublesome list of “clues” to help make his point:

--Manipulation of world history and literature designed to influence and control everything we think and believe.

--False or manipulated religious writings and literary dogma that creates religious and philosophical control of our thoughts and concepts of reality.

--The existence of a complex and regulated monetary and banking system that forces people to work to stay alive.

--Elements of mind control in films, television, radio and all other forms of the entertainment industry.

--Secret black operations programs that may even extend into the space programs.

--The suppression and cover-up of scientific development and discovery.

--Control of health care and legal banning of natural and holistic methods of healing and mind expansion by government.

--Regulated energy systems and the dominance of the oil industry when cheap alternative energies are available.

--Legalization of chemical pollutants and genetically modified seeds used in processed foods known to affect physical and mental health.

--Political division and media propaganda that plays off extreme opposites in cultures.

--Corporate sponsored wars and defense contracting.

Through examination of each of the “clues” listed above, it doesn’t take long to reach an understanding of just how severely the manipulation and control of our thoughts and perception of reality has been. And this control has been going on for a very long time. The advent of electronic communications intensified the process.

Because of this manipulation of our thoughts from outside forces we have been robbed of living what has been called God’s divine plan. This plan was originally of our own construction; the creation of our higher selves. Thus as George writes, we chose to be here, but the original plan is not exactly where we have ended up.

Little children are grabbed up within the controlled system early and force-fed the mental implanting of the reality bites currently accepted by the social network. Thus through contact with parents and siblings, controlled playtime, pre-school, the church, television and eventually the education system, every child is cast into the same mold of understanding.

People are all taught to believe that their position in life is to be a slave to a corporate employer so that they can spend their lives earning the money needed to create a desired life style and have the possessions they are programmed to want before they can be happy.

They believe they must worship a creator being that oversees their lives from a higher plane. People believe that success is acquiring wealth, power and influence. They tend to believe that the history of the world is exactly what is taught from school history books. A strange majority of people believe that going off to war and dying in battle for the love of their country, even if the enemy is no threat to the homeland, is an honorable thing.

What few people dare to think is that there just might be another reality where all hardship, pain and suffering is non-existent. Once subjected to childhood implants, however, it is very difficult for humans to generate an understanding, or the will, to shift away from old and established belief systems.

Thus we find ourselves trapped in a false matrix that was not of our making and nothing close to the world we originally created for ourselves.

How could we have strayed so far off course? Who was responsible for designing the destructive and entrapping system we now endure?