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Sweet And Deadly
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Beware The Deadly Lineup Of Artificial Sweeteners

By James Donahue

It was a family joke that the first words I ever spoke were “Mama dirt.” Translated, I was asking my mother for dessert, or something laced with sugar. I had been introduced to sugar and was addicted to it before I could talk.

People love their sugar and they are getting their fill of it in the foods and soft drinks they consume daily. Food processing companies know this and they add some form of a sweetener to almost everything they make to make it more appealing to our taste buds. We get it in salad dressing, pasta sauce, pizza, ketchup, and of course in soft drinks and candy.

People in western society use sugar as a form of self-medication because it gives them brief bursts of energy, enhances their mood and gives them a sense of instant gratification. It has been said that the sugar addiction is so severe that our dependence on it closely resembles addictions to crack cocaine or heroin. Withdrawal symptoms are distinct. When all sugar is taken away in experi