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American’s Can’t Fix Their Broken Government At The Polls

By James Donahue

For the first time perhaps in American history, voters are coming to the realization that everything going on in Washington has been a scam. All of the media hype about the great "race" between Democratic and Republican candidates for the presidency is just endless rhetoric designed to make us think there is an "important" choice to be made in November. In truth, it probably won’t matter which man gets elected. The men hiding behind the curtain who really control the direction America takes are still going to run things the way they wish.

While we are going through all of the pre-election pageantry, complete with televised debates, state primary caucuses and elections and the national conventions leading to the grand event . . . the November Presidential Election, it is all designed to make us believe that the elections mean something. The truth is that the winner has probably already been decided in some cigar-smoke-filled room, the electronic voting machines are already fixed, and the media propaganda machine is already in place.

There is evidence that the United States has been controlled by its shadow government . . . the men with their hands on the wealth . . . for a very long time. It has been going on at least since 1913 when Woodrow Wilson was in the White House. He signed into law the act that created the Federal Reserve. This agency is not of and for the government. It is a bank conglomerate that controls the wealth of the nation.

The men who control this conglomerate were responsible for the Great Depression, runaway inflation, and the nation’s outrageous debt. The Federal Reserve loans the money the government spends and simply prints more money whenever it is needed. The loans must be paid back with interest. The printing of more dollars lowers the value of the money. This in turn creates inflation. The concept of the Federal Reserve violates everything the framers of the Constitution had in mind when the nation was founded.

The Constitution gives the power of making money to the Congress. Congress also has the power of regulating its value. The Constitution also requires that our money be coined from gold or silver and that paper bills, if used, must be backed by their printed value by a stockpile of gold or silver maintained in government vaults. Our forefathers knew the danger of allowing the bankers and corporations to get control of the money.

Thomas Jefferson once warned that "if we turn our monetary system over to the bankers our children will wake up as slaves to the country we fought to free." This is exactly what has happened only the enslavement has been so subtle that most people still don’t realize that they have been bamboozled. They struggle to maintain their lives on the meager wages they can earn, often holding down more than one job just to break even. They live from paycheck to paycheck, hoping against hope that nobody in the family gets sick. The gratuities like paid vacations, health insurance, Christmas bonus and extra pay for working overtime or holidays have fallen by the wayside. At the same time we are goaded by the massive advertising campaigns occurring everywhere we look to desire things we don’t need and cannot afford. We all carry plastic credit cards that we use to spend ourselves into incredible debt, thus creating our own personal prison of financial enslavement.

Since the advent of radio and television, the cost of running for political office has skyrocketed. Candidates must spend so much money in advertising, travel and self promotion that only the very wealthy can dare to consider a run for the presidency or even a seat in Congress. Even personal wealth doesn’t pay the way so candidates must solicit for campaign contributions. And this is where the power brokers get involved. By the time any candidate works his or her way into the White House, the money lenders virtually own the office.

That’s right, it is loaned money that wins the high office. Payment is not in cash, but in special favors to the source of the money. That is how the system works. That is how it has been working for a very long time.

Many American voters will faithfully go to the polls again this election year and believe that their vote will count. They will believe the lie that this may be the most important election in the nation’s history. And for local races and bond issues, it probably will make a difference how they vote. But on state and national levels, the die is cast. The candidates that had important things to say, who might have truly made a difference if they had been given an equal opportunity to run for the office, don’t have a chance.

We already know that our choices this year will be between Democrat incumbent Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney. The promises they have made are different, but what can we expect when either man gets in office? To his credit Mr. Obama succeeded against extreme obstruction to push through a weak public health bill which is now being challenged before the ultra conservative U. S. Supreme Court. He also managed to coax congressional approval of watered-down business incentive bills that saved General Motors and launched some badly needed infrastructure repair projects.

While the radical increase in unemployment slowed and even declined for a while under Obama, the problem is beginning to worsen again as Election Day draws near. Some believe the Republicans are purposefully sabotaging the economy so voters will turn against Obama and put the Republicans back in power.

Mr. Romney, who represents the party of "NO" that successfully blocked many of the Obama promises from getting off the ground, claims he has the answer to America’s economic woes. It is all just boilerplate.

The only thing that will fix this broken government is a collective decision by the people to stand up against their oppressors. We are not talking about guns and pitchforks here. Bloodshed has not worked well in Syria or Libya. What is needed is something much more effective. If it is money that controls the nation’s government, then it is with money, or the lack of it, that the people can successfully revolt. We just need to stop buying things we don’t need.

If you want to join the movement for change we have a few suggestions:

--Pay down those credit cards and other personal debts as fast as possible. Sacrifice to get it done. Then burn those cards and never be tempted to go on those crazy buying sprees again. It will help to turn off the television sets, or push the mute button when that barrage of advertising slams into our brains during our favorite shows. Instead of coveting the shiny new car, the new furniture, electronic gadget or clothes flashed before our eyes, give intelligent consideration to the skilled techniques being used to entrap you into thinking the product will make you very happy. Believe me, it won’t.

--Prepare a strict family budget. Plan what will be spent each week for groceries, gasoline, insurance and rent and stick to it. Only buy clothes when absolutely needed and try to use garage sales, Good Will or church run used item stores. Stay out of the big corporate stores like Wal-Mart and Target as much as possible. Use the local cooperatives and other places that do not patronize Monsanto’s genetically modified foods or prepared foods laced with deadly artificial sweeteners like high fructose corn syrup and Aspartame. Stop drinking soft drinks that contain this stuff. The bottom line is that when we stop buying the products, the money stops flowing. Without the money, the power figures will begin to bend to the will of the people. This puts the people back in control.

--Support the Occupy Movement. These people are on the right track. They are using their First Amendment right to free speech and assembly to voice their disapproval of the way our government is behaving. Do not allow these demonstrations to become violent, and stop infiltrators who attempt to do so. It is important to follow the principles of peaceful protest established by Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi.

--Always question authority. Call upon the media to get back to work and start reporting the news. There are a few web sites that do a much better job than the big corporate-owned and controlled television and radio news outlets. Rely on them. Never accept the stories we are told at face value. Remember that we are constantly being fed propaganda to make us behave in a certain way, and accept the decisions our government leaders make.

--And finally, go to the polls and vote anyway. We suggest re-electing President Obama, and giving him a strong Democratic controlled House and Senate. With these tools, there will be few excuses for failure.