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Are People Turning Into Zombies?

By James Donahue

One would think a headline like this might be found in perhaps The Onion, a satirical publication where writers handle slanted stories of real news events with their tongues pushed squarely against the cheek : Zombie Apocalypse: CDC Denies Existence of Zombies Despite Cannibal Incidents.

Believe it or not, this headline recently appeared in the more prestigious news and commentary site, The Huffington Post.

Indeed, the strange rash of gruesome news stories involving people going mad and found feeding on the bodies of their victims has been a shock to a nation that has endured so much weirdness in recent years that most of us thought we were immune to stories of violent behavior.

Yet stories of a rare flesh-eating disease that is literally destroying the limbs of its victims, the man in Miami who was shot by police after he was caught eating the face of another man, the Maryland college student that killed and dismembered his roommate before eating the man’s heart and brain, the Canadian porn actor charged with killing and eating body parts from another man, and the New Jersey man who cut open his own body and threw his intestines at the police, have us all scratching our heads.

That isn’t all. A California man while in a state of apparent hallucination ripped out his partner’s heart, cut out his tongue and tore off his face. He was found naked, covered in blood and with body parts scattered around the living room of his home.

The stories have sparked a number of suggestions by Internet bloggers that we are experiencing a “Zombie Apocalypse” and that zombies are indeed among us.

Those of us who enjoy those B-rated horror flicks know that zombies are supposed to be corpses that come alive then wander the earth feeding on living human flesh. The stories link this strange behavior to voodoo. The victims of such spells move around in a daze, their eyes glazed and the flash rotting and falling from their bones.

Egad, is this what is happening to humanity?

According to the Huffington story, the Center for Disease Control actually issued an official statement declaring that zombies do not exist. The publication quoted agency spokesman David Daigle as saying: “CDC does not know of a virus or condition that would reanimate the dead or one that would present zombie-like symptoms.”

Some news reports are suggesting that all of the crazed men were under the influence of some new kind of narcotic that has hit the streets.

We must point to a very recent warning by The Abba Father that the U. S. military has just started using new technology that can “manipulate” the way people think and behave.

The entity explained that “your minds are like a computer and this device can manipulate your thinking. It has sound waves targeting minds all over the world. This has the power to manipulate many decisions.”

One other warning was that “This device will make humans sterile and no thought will occur.”

Is this not a description of a zombie; a human walking around, unable to think for himself and under the total control of someone manipulating his actions through sound waves? Has this all been a black budget government experiment in mind control?