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New Fad: Infamous Book Expose’s

By James Donahue

We predict that the hot new book by former Presidential Press Secretary Scott McClellan exposing the shenanigans conducted by President George W. Bush and his Washington cronies will be the first of a string of printed revelations.

They say former Secretary of State Colon Powell also is hammering out his version of things that went on behind closed doors in the Oval Office during the days preceding the U.S. attack on Iraq. Indeed, General Powell has some explaining to do after carrying the administration’s lies to the United Nations, complete with aerial photos depicting trucks he said were filled with biological weapons believed to be in the hands of the late dictator Saddam Hussein.

The trucks and all of the other weapons of mass destruction that Powell, Bush, Cheney and Powell’s successor, Condoleezza Rice told us were making Iraq a threat to world security, were never found after our troops invaded the place. It was all a fabrication designed to allow the Bush Administration to use force to impose a democratic government system in the Middle East.

One thing we can be sure of, even if the current Congress lacks the spine, or is being well paid to allow Bush, Cheney, Rice and the rest of the gang in Washington to continue secret operations without anybody asking questions, the truth is about to find them all out. They may have been operating behind closed doors, and they may be refusing to answer subpoenas to appear before congressional investigating committees, but somebody in that room is going to blab.

The danger in operating under the unprecedented cloak of secrecy practiced by this administration is that the stories told afterward may be embellished to sound worse than the real event. Thus when the historical record of the Bush years in the White House is formalized, he may be more vilified than he deserves.

From our vantage point, however, knowing that Mr. Bush blatantly sent our troops to war without having all of the facts, and without his staff planning how to deal with Iraq after we destroyed its government and bombed its infrastructure, and knowing that he opened the door to certain big business interests to operate in that country at great cost to American taxpayers and without competing with other contractors for the work, this president deserves everything that is about to befall him.

We believe he and a few others need to be arrested and put on trial before the World Court in the Haag for war crimes.

That Mr. Bush allowed cronies like Karl Rove and Dick Cheney to manipulate the Washington legal staff, the judicial system and the military, destroy reputations of people who attempted to stop them, opened the door to the blatant torture of prisoners of war, and pretended to be concerned about the New Orleans Katrina victims by having false “fly-over” pictures of Bush taken, exposes the kind of corruption that has been destroying America’s reputation since this man stole his office in 2000.

Indeed, we look forward to the books to follow, and encourage the former staff members to blast these crooks with words as they crank out their tell-all books in the months to come. After all, the old adage, the pen is mightier than the sword, is quite true.

Having said this, there is one book we think will be a total waste of everyone’s time that may be coming to a book store near you. It seems that Sen. Larry Craig also is writing a book that he says will give graphic details about his arrest last year in an airport restroom sex sting. Does anyone really care?