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World In Midst Of Unprecedented


By James Donahue

Rising gasoline and food prices, the radical new storms and changing weather patterns, overpopulation and decline in natural resources in an overpopulated and polluted world is causing an unprecedented change in the way we live.

The shift in everything is occurring so quickly that world governments are totally unprepared to deal with it, as are local social programs designed to deal with disaster in relatively smaller scales.

The powerful hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons, the terrible earthquakes, volcanic activity and desertification of once fertile croplands is not only killing people by the thousands, it is forcing mass evacuations of hundreds of thousands of people who are losing their homes and their livelihood.

A story by Scott Thill for Alternet this week coined a new name for these people. He called them envirogees rather than refugees. As explained in the story, the name refugee refers to people displaced by war and political turmoil. But the word “envirogee” refers to people displaced by earth terrorism.

The very concept of earth terrorism is pretty radical, so just what is it that Thill is writing about? In his own words, he is referring to not only world climate change but other radical but natural phenomenon, largely caused by the human population explosion, or failure to be good stewards of our planet, and the fact that we are quickly running out of natural resources in which to keep the social order, as we have known it, running.

Thill writes: “According to the Nobel=winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Earth’s fracturing communities will have 150 million envirogees by 2050. According to Australian climatologist Dr. Graeme Pearman, coastal flooding resulting from a mere two-degree rise in temperature would kick 100 million people out of their danger-zone homes by 2100.”

In addition to this, he said desertification is claiming alarming amounts of land from China to Morocco and Tunisia and even in the southwestern United States. “New Orleans and parts of Alaska are slowly sliding into the sea, while the former, as Hurricane Katrina ably illustrated, is becoming a reliable target for intensifying weather events, human corruption and half-assed infrastructure.

“Aquifers around the world are shrinking, while acidification is claiming cropland in Egypt and beyond. Hypoxia has claimed portions of the ocean itself with alarming speed, as stretches of the Atlantic and Pacific lose oxygen and, by extension, the marine life that not only feeds millions but establishes the community of the food chain.”

There is something more spiritual that some of the masters say they believe is occurring at this time. Her Holiness Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi, a spiritual master from India teaches love and preparation for a major dimensional shift that she says is already occurring.

Sai Maa is not alone in this belief. In fact most people around the world have an intrinsic belief that we are living in “the end times,” but are unaware of just what this means. The Christians say they are looking for the return of a messiah who will spark the beginning of a new age. The Moslems have a similar story. Others say they believe the planet is in its death throes and that humanity is on the verge of going extinct.

Indeed, this may be somewhat correct. Our planet appears to, indeed, be dying, and the climate changes are coming at us so fast that there is a widespread fear that we may surely be rushing into mass extinction. We are even observing crazed pre-extinction behavior that is taking the form of mass suicides, mass killings, and extreme anti-social behavior. Radical religious systems are springing up.

The concept of riding our planet into a new dimension suggests that something very strange is about to happen. The question is, how many of us, if any of us, are going along for the ride? Are we all doomed to be left behind when the old earth moves into a fourth or fifth dimension?

Janae B. Weinhold, for the Carolina Institute For Conflict Resolution And Creative Leadership, seems to believe some of us, if not all of us who are still around when the shift happens, have a very good chance of making it.

“Our inability to see the big picture has trapped us in limiting beliefs that have become a box that operates like a Matrix,” Weinhold writes. “Many are becoming aware that we really do live in a matrix and are looking for the keys and codes needed to break free of limiting beliefs about who we are.

“While many people are seeking truth, they also are withdrawing themselves from chaos, turmoil and the mundane. They’ve stopped reading newspapers and watching TV and are spending more time meditating, reading inspirational materials, being in nature and seeking out others who feel this shift happening,” Weinhold said.

Sai Maa says this behavior is exactly what is needed if people wish to prepare themselves for the looming shift. She travels the world, lecturing to her followers about the light, or god within, and how to utilize our own abilities to make ourselves spiritually ready. She says the secret is love and forgiveness, and making ourselves lighter so we will rise with the planet into the new dimension, or new world that awaits us.

For those who don’t make it, but fall victim to the violence now sweeping the planet, Sai Maa says it will not be the end of them. She teaches that each individual is destined to continue on, going through a three-dimensional life again and again until we learn the true path of enlightenment. She follows the Indian culture belief in reincarnation.

Most of the masters remain optimistic about the future, even though they admit that some very difficult changes are looming. The way of life as we have known it, especially in the United States and Europe, is quickly screeching to a halt. Our system of transporting goods and working for wages appears in jeopardy. We can expect to be going back to old ways of doing things, like growing our own food and bartering for services.