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Strange Lights In The Night Sky

By James Donahue

Night sky watchers are reporting and even photographing some strange and unexplained objects lighting up the skies over the United States. The most recent reports include the following:

A Connecticut state trooper and a second witness several miles away both reported seeing a “whale sized” object fall from the sky and splash into Bantam Lake, near the town of Bantam at about 2 a.m. on April 10, 2012.

The unnamed citizen told the Republican-American in Waterbury the object had a pale green glow. Thinking an aircraft had crashed in the lake, emergency crews conducted an air and water search, looking for debris. Nothing was found.

About a week earlier thousands of residents in Texas witnessed a large ball of fire streak across the sky in broad daylight. They said the object was so bright it looked “like a little piece of the sun falling,” one observer was quoted as saying. Speculation was that the object was a meteor that probably was a rock measuring at least a yard wide to have burned so brightly when it hit Earth’s atmosphere.

About that same week a traffic camera on Interstate 17 in Phoenix, Arizona, captured a bright flash on the horizon that looked an explosion. The incident occurred at about 4:45 a.m. during a morning traffic report on KSAZ-TV when the view from the camera was showing over the shoulder of the night news anchor.

The flash was noticed by so many people that Phoenix authorities investigated in an attempt to find out the cause of such a flash of light. To date, the cause of the light remains a mystery.