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What Really Happened At Montauk?

By James Donahue

We have all heard about or watched television documentaries about the so-called “Philadelphia Experiment” involving a secret government experiment and failed effort to make the Navy’s destroyer escort USS Eldridge cloak itself from the newly developed radar system during World War II.

As the story is told the ship not only disappeared from view, it apparently disappeared completely for a short time on October 28, 1943, and some believe it traveled through time and space. Its crew returned in extreme mental and physical condition. Some of the sailors perished, their bodies found fused to the bulkheads of the ship.

At least that is the conspiracy version of the Eldridge story. The experiment, conducted at the Navy’s Philadelphia base, has been denied by the Navy. Yet the stories have persisted. Not only have films and video documentaries been produced, but books have been written by people who claim to have been involved in the secret black budget project.

The stories always include some interesting names, including that of the late inventor genius Nicola Tesla, who lead the secret project when the experiments began under the name Project Rainbow sometime around 1936 at about the time top U.S. military officials were secretly preparing for the possibility that America would be caught up in the war already looming in Europe. Other names associated with the project included Albert Einstein, Dr. John von Neumann and even the noted author and psychic Aleister Crowley.

The experiments were conducted at Camp Hero, a derelict Air Force Station on Montauk Point, at the far eastern end of Long Island, New York. Authors Preston Nichols and Peter Moon, in their book Pyramids of Montauk, said the radar system on that station was chosen because it emitted a frequency of 400 to 425 Megahertz which was the band needed to enter the consciousness of the human brain. The project involved more than merely cloaking military weapons. Experimentation in other secret matters, including mind control, were allegedly conducted.

Three survivors of the Eldridge incident, Nichols, Al Bielek and Duncan Cameron, in rare video footage, explained that Tesla was named director of Project Rainbow at the start. The original experiments were designed to cloak naval vessels from enemy eyes and radar while at sea. They said the first test of invisibility was conducted in 1940 when a navy ship with no crew vanished from this plane of existence.

Tesla worried about what he saw as a serious problem with using the technique with man on the ships and wanted more time to work out what he saw as “bugs” in the system. But the war was heating up and naval brass was by now pressing hard for further testing. Tesla resigned from the project and Dr. Neumann replaced him as              director of what became the Philadelphia Project in 1942.

Neumann, like Tesla, was a genius in his field. It is said that he was the inventor of the modern computer and a mathematical whiz. He proceeded with the Eldridge experiment and this, according to Nichols and Moon, became a catastrophe so terrible it was carefully covered up by the military. The men on that ship returned disoriented, many were planted in the bulkhead of the ship, and all who survived were discharged as mentally unfit for duty.

It was determined that the ship not only disappeared, but that it probably moved either through time or even into another dimension. Thus was born the Phoenix Project that was started after the war. Neumann was placed in charge of this project. His new orders were to try to find out what actually happened to the Eldridge, what made the mind of man tick and why people could not go through inter-dimensional phenomena without going insane. The study was moved to Brookhaven National Laboratories, also on Long Island.

During the study, Neumann used the vast data base of Nazi psychological research coupled with computer technology and sophisticated radio equipment in experiments with linking people’s minds with machines.

Nichols and Moon wrote that they believed Neumann’s experiments were successful and that he found a way to capture human thought via radio receivers and record it on computers. He invented a virtual mind reading machine under a third black budget program known as the Montauk Project.

When Neumann reported his findings to Congress, legislative members were so alarmed that they ordered the project to be disbanded. There was an obvious fear of people having their minds not only read by but controlled by the government. Nichols and Moon wrote that the project continued, however, with the financial help of secret       donors.

They wrote that by 1972 the Montauk Project was fully underway with mind control experiments being conducted on both animals and humans. The experimentation did not stop there, however. It was eventually discovered that a psychic could manifest matter just by mere thought. Also they discovered that the mind had the power to bend time.

By 1987 the project team had found a way to create a time portal and actually send objects and humans from 1987 back to 1943. It also could teleport a person as far as 100 light years away and from any time in the past or future. Projections into the future, however, stopped at the year 2021. They could go beyond this year, but found everything unrecognizable, Nichols and Moon wrote.

In the midst of the time and space research, they said something happened that brought the Montauk Project to what was described only as “a bizarre climax” that brought everything to a sudden stop. Workers were all subjected to special brainwashing to make them forget what they had done and seen.

One story about the event that closed down the Montauk Project is so bazaar it is difficult to believe. It was said that on August 12, 1883, when the vortex was operating, a creature came through that could not be controlled. It began attacking, killing and even eating workers and smashing equipment. In order to stop the creature they had to shut down the transmitter. The decision was made to never turn it on again.

So how did Nichols and Moon get their information? It seems that Al Bielek and Duncan Cameron were project workers on the Eldridge when the 1945 experiment was conducted. When they realized they were starting to phase out of reality, both men jumped ship and thus survived the ordeal.

Preston Nichols got involved in researching the Montauk project by a strange accident. He was an electronic genius working for a Long Island defense contractor, and working on a research project involving telepathy in psychics. He discovered that at certain times of the day, strange radio waves were blocking the mental abilities of the psychics he was working with.

Nichols mounted a special antenna attached to his car, and a radio receiver in the vehicle, then drove around Long Island until he traced the signals to the Montauk Air Force Station. This was the start of his research that continued for years before he began meeting people who had vague memories of working at the site, but began having recollections of his own involvement in the same project.

Nichols said that Crowley may even have had some kind of link to the strange goings-on at Montauk. He said that during his research he kept running into Crowley’s name. He wrote that: “To my surprise. . . I discovered that not only had Crowley visited Montauk but he mentioned a ‘Duncan Cameron’ in his autobiography. Subsequent to this, numerous instances of synchronicity between the Cameron and Crowley families were discovered.”

These are brief excerpts of pages of documented information about the secret military research that occurred between 1936 and 1987 at Philadelphia and at Montauk. Is it all a hoax or were such experiments actually conducted. And if they were, just how much secret information does our military possess concerning mind control, time travel and inter-dimensional travel through space?

Nothing may be quite as it appears. Reality may far more than what we think it is.