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America's Government Showing Paranoid Behavior

By James Donahue

Two troublesome news clips recently caught my eye. It seems that the IRS has opened a new Whistleblower Office that offers cash to people who turn in their neighbors for cheating on their income tax returns.

(Remnants of Hitler's brown shirts. Children groomed to turn in their parents for speaking out at home against the Furher.)

Also California Contressman Henry Waxman has filed something called the Executive Branch Reform Act that will require personal recorded files on every individual or organization that calls an elected Washington official and the subjects of any conversations.

These two moves are extremely wicked because they threaten the very thing that has made the United States great . . . our freedom of speech and our freedom to lobby our elected officials without fear of intimidation.

When you employ fear tactics to stop the free flow of communication you destroy the function of a government that was originally designed to be for the people and by the people. It thus resembles a fascist form of government with those in power obtaining absolute control without receiving input from the electorate.

The IRS Whistleblower scam is so insidious we find it incredible that such a mechanism is actually in place and operating without someone having put a stop to it before now. Few of us can say that we don't know of someone that has expressed concern about having failed to properly file all of their earnings on their annual tax return.

We have even met people who boasted about having cheated.. I have met fly-by-night business operators who always demand cash payment and there is always that nagging suspicious it is because they can hide those kinds of operations from their books and escape state and federal taxes. It is kind of a wink-wink kind of thing among those in the know.

We talk freely to our friends about such things. I suppose that we assume that since we are all in the same boat, we can trust one another to help hide this information from getting to the ears of an IRS agent. This new whistleblower offer could force folks that cheat, and even the innocent, to shut their lips about taxes, and spend a lot of their time looking over their shoulder.

The Waxman reform act is much more subtle because it operates silently without the knowledge of the general public. One critic of the act, the Rev. Ted Pike of the National Prayer Network, said: "In Waxman's brave new world, Joe Q. Citizen is no longer viewed as a welcome source of input to the federal government. Rather, only Waxman and select colleagues, primarily in Congress, the intelligence community, and the military, are allowed to communicate freely with one another. The common American is viewed as a potential source of unhealthy opinions."

In other words, if you call your congressman to complain about a proposed bill coming up for a vote in the House, your name goes into a file and you could be subject to careful scrutiny as a subversive.

Governments that spy on their people are expressing a fear of their people. And that usually always means that the people on the throne have something to hide.