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Ohio "Breeder" Among The Worst Types Of Earth Criminals

By James Donahue

The name Ricky Lackey probably doesn't mean much to you as a reader. But this man, who recently appeared in a Ohio court to answer a charge of grand larceny, made headlines in the Cincinnati area after it was revealed he was going to be a father of six children by six women, all within a few months of each other.

As we struggle in this already overpopulated world to put the reigns on reckless population growth and look for ways to salvage our dying polluted planet, a man like Lackey stands out as a major earth criminal. While the big cheese of the earth criminals, Pope Benedict XVI, is encouraging his flock to continue having big families, Lackey is obviously planting his seed in every woman that will have him.

What is worse, there seem to be plenty of volunteers for characters like this. Are some women nothing more than hairless, soulless apes whose primary purpose has been to have sexual pleasure and have babies?

Even if the six pregnant women in Lackey's harem could in some way be somewhat excused for their reckless behavior. the men in this world also are responsible for what happens in the future, including the possible extinction of the human race.

That means that Mr. Lackey is guilty of crimes against the earth. He is recklessly bringing six new babies into this world, with six participating women, all at the same time. That he was charged with theft suggests that the man also is not going to be in a position to act as a responsible parent or provider for any of these children. And that makes this story even uglier.

Lackey's intelligence also appears to be in question, which suggests that the offspring will probably be doomed to little more than the boneheaded-type of existence that now fits the profile of the average uneducated and spiritually sleeping American. We sense that couples who are thinking are holding back on having children, while most of the new generation of children are popping from the wombs of the illiterate masses.

We say this because of the strange exchange between Lackey and the judge during sentencing in that case. One Ohio newspaper reporter quoted the judge as casually asking Lackey how many children he had.

Lackey responded: "None, but I have six on the way."

The judge raised her eyebrows and fished for more information: "Are you marrying a woman with six children?" she asked.

"No," answered the dolt of the defendant. "I be concubining."

For readers who do not know, a concubine is a woman that cohabitates with a man to whom she is not married. Lackey basically confessed that he has a harem of at least six pregnant women staying under his roof

Charles Manson lived with his own personal harem of concubines back in the days of the hippie movement, but he was wise enough, if he took those women to bed, to have practiced some form of birth control.