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Vatican’s New “Sin” List Conflicts With Itself


By James Donahue


A contemporary new list of “seven deadly sins” released by the Vatican includes polluting the environment, but then stops short of fixing the primary cause of global pollution, curbing the runaway population explosion, occurring mostly among Catholics.


The list, released by Gianfranco Girotti, head of the Apostolic Penitentiary, also refuses to allow contemporary science to use genetic engineering to repair human bodies and ease the suffering of millions, something that appears downright blasphemous from where we sit.


This new list for the 21st Century, published in the Vatican newspaper, L'Osservatore Roman, also includes obscene riches, taking drugs, abortion, pedophilia and causing social injustice among the new deadly sins.


They join the original list of seven deadly sins defined by Pope Gregory the Great which are pride, envy, gluttony, greed, lust, wrath and sloth.


The new list makes it clear that the church maintains God is offended by people who ruin the environment, conduct immoral scientific experiments and genetic manipulation. It also pisses God off when women abort babies, people consume mind-altering drugs, people accumulate great wealth at the expense of others, and priests sexually molest alter boys.


At least this is our interpretation of what the Vatican is trying to tell its followers.


We say Pope Benedict XIII and his gang of haughty bishops and cardinals who strut around the halls of the Vatican, believing they are God’s appointed spokesmen for the masses, have lost touch with reality.


While the Catholic Church is finally tuning in to the fact that the planet is in dire trouble because of careless human activity, it does not seem to realize that the reckless overpopulating of our world, mostly by Catholic believers who are not only forbidden to practice birth control and encouraged to have large families, has been the root cause of pollution, the stripping of natural resources and war.


Neighbors and entire nations are now fighting over ownership of such basic needs as water, oil, land and food. If we don’t get this under control, the pollution, loss of resources and fighting will only intensify.


That the world is on the brink of going into self- annihilation does not seem to be weighing very heavily on the minds of these so-called “men of the cloth.” Perhaps that is because they are living so high in their ivory tower they no longer tune in to what is really happening in the world around them.


What is exciting is that a large number of people are waking up in this 11th hour and following a new and important spiritual path, no longer guided by the deadly church. Part of this new and exciting shift in thinking involves the very “immoral scientific experiments in genetic manipulation” so condemned by the Vatican. That researchers are beginning to discover not only amazing ways to use genetic engineering to stop and cure once incurable diseases, but possibly reverse aging and grant us longer, healthier and fuller lives, offers us all a glimpse of hope for a better future.


The new scientific mind, including that of famous UK physicist Stephen Hawking, now argue that we must branch out into space if we expect to survive as a human race because we have used up all of the new frontiers available to us on our planet. But to do this, many argue that the human must first evolve into new bodies capable of withstanding the rigors of space exploration and exploring new worlds.


Writers like Gregory Stock, Redesigning Humans: Our Inevitable Genetic Future; Ray Kurzweil, The Age of Spiritual Machines: When Computers Exceed Human Intelligence; and Shannon Larratt, editor and publisher of BMEZINE.COM, present strong arguments in support of genetic research leading to new robotic bodies designed for us to move into when it becomes necessary.


Following the dead-end road on which the Vatican is leading us leaves us with only a doomsday scenario that we must find unacceptable.