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Because They Avoid Reality . . .


By James Donahue


I am amazed at the amount of time, money and energy our religious-oriented society is willing to spend in its quest to “scientifically” prove the things that we in the esoteric world can answer for them free of charge.


But I suppose if they want to pay us a few million dollars to explain how to communicate with the dead, or make contact with aliens . . . what the heck. We will take it. But then nobody is offering.


That is obviously because they don’t believe the things that we know. Their Christian belief system won’t let them accept us as valid sources of information. And if the information is proven correct, they scream that our work was “of the devil” and they are struck with fear.


Consider two peculiar “scientific” endeavors reported in recent news articles.


In Burlingame, California, an inventor named Robert Barrows has applied for a patent to produce and sell electronically enhanced tombstones, complete with computerized video screens, hard disc microchip memory and recorder, that he believes will capture messages from the dead.


If the patent is granted, Barrows wants to urge people to design their own video monument that will be placed in an extravagant mausoleum, so they can “keep in touch” with relatives after they pass on to the astral world.


Sounds like a grandiose fleecing scheme to me. Barrows obviously wants to tap into people’s estates before they die. I doubt if anybody is going to receive real messages let alone pictures from the grave on those things. The spirits may walk among us, but we already know they are but holographic images of themselves. It is as if they are frozen in time, repeatedly going through their moment of death.


In yet another story in the Christian Science Monitor, I learned that the government’s SETI research program, designed to capture radio messages from other worlds through ultra-sensitive listening posts in the American deserts, is being expanded with new and more complex and super computerized equipment.


The story said scientists are excited about this new equipment because to date, after aiming their old receivers at over 700 stars, they have yet to tap into a message from an intelligent life form. In spite of an almost open display of UFO recent sightings the world over, these guys think they still don’t have proof that other intelligent life in the universe exists.


Anyone that has examined Aaron C. Donahue’s drawings of the 72 Goetia Spirits on his web site, at, or through my own links, knows that we are surrounded by alien life forms. They hover over our heads and they sometimes even possess our bodies. In fact, if Aaron is correct, we carry the DNA of one of the most powerful of our alien visitors, the mighty archangel Lucifer.


But then, we are talking about Lucifer, whom the Christians believe was turned by an angry God into a red cloaked pointy tailed fiend who would tempt us all into a hellish eternity. And the Goetia spirits, of course, are Lucifer’s demonic army, or so the Bible would have us believe.


Better to avoid knowing anything about these bad fellows and spend billions of government dollars on advancing the SETI program, than admit that we are, in effect, descendants of an advanced alien race.


Better to spend countless hours listening to faint beeps, tweets and burps in radio frequencies from distant space than turn an esoteric ear to the 72 marvelous tones brought forth by the Goetia Spirits. The tones, when brought together, produce a song that Donahue says is so hauntingly beautiful it is life changing.


As long as the political leaders, scientists and teachers of our society cling to their archaic Christian belief system, they will never know or even turn in the correct direction to discover the truth. And they will never pass it on to their children.


That is very sad.