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Remote Viewer Guru Dames Blundered
It was with a sad heart that we listened to erroneous predictions of future events by Major Edward Dames during a March 6-7 appearance on a Coast-to-Coast Radio broadcast.
Dames, long known as America's leading expert on Remote Viewing, put his reputation on the line when he chose not to accept data produced by his top viewer, Aaron C. Donahue. Instead, he accepted the work of an associate that got it wrong.
Consequently, millions of Dames' followers heard horror stories about a secret plot by the North Koreans to lure American and South Korean troops into a nuclear holocaust; how this event and the Bush war in Iraq will bankrupt America, and how a looming Earth pole shift will soon turn coastal cities into underwater ruins.
Donahue says these events are not going to happen.
He says Bush will bomb Iraq, Saddam Hussein will be killed, and these events will slowly lead us into World War III. But it is not going to happen overnight.
He says the world economy will crash but it won't be caused by the war. If anything, the war will keep the economic system going for a bit longer. But the markets will eventually collapse as the world's ecological system goes into self-destruct.
An assurance by Dames that America does not need to worry about a major terrorist attack, and that the country will not be hit by a nuclear missile, also is incorrect. Donahue sticks to his warning that the Chinese will attack America, and that China will win the war.
Donahue assured me that there will not be a pole shift, and Planet X will not be a calamity.
Nor is Dame's prediction correct that the first nuclear weapon fired in anger since the end of World War II will occur in Korea. Donahue said the United States military may hold that distinction very soon during our attack on Iraq.
If you remember, our military has developed some new bombs designed to bore deep in the ground and destroy underground bunkers. Also our government has authorized the military to use limited nuclear weapons against Iraq. So what do you think those new bombs are?
Donahue, who trained under Dames and has worked closely with him ever since, says he is so concerned about this latest blunder that he is seriously considering separating himself from the team. While Donahue speaks highly of Dames and considers him among the best remote viewers in the world, he said Dames has been too busy teaching new students and taking care of other matters to do the work. Consequently, he relied on his associates to produce data prior to his last radio appearance.
Donahue said he argued strongly with Dames against using this information, produced by a less skilled member of the team. But Dames not only ignored Donahue's appeals, he refused to consider Donahue's data.
What has caused this rift?
Dames cannot shake his Christian roots. Since Donahue used his skills to study human origins and learned that Lucifer is our real progenitor, the two have split over differences in religion. Alas, the spiritual battle between angelic and demonic forces has divided the two.
Worse than that, the angelic energies are using this rift in a last-ditch effort to silence Aaron once and for all. The plot is to make remote viewing look like a hoax so that it will be completely ignored by the church controlled masses.
Aaron Donahue proclaims himself a Luciferian. And Dames finds this so appalling, he will no longer promote Aaron, or use any of his data. Rather than trust the work of Aaron, who has proven his accuracy in front of public television cameras, Dames has turned to a less experienced and less trained viewer with a Christian background for his information.
And that man has inadvertently set Dames up for a fall.