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In Defense of Remote Viewing

If you do a search on his name, you will be sure to find web sites filled with disdain and outright assaults against Maj.Edward Dames, America's outspoken pioneer of a controversial mind tool called remote viewing.

There may be justification for the critics.

While remote viewing was not invented by Dames, this former intelligence officer made a name for himself when he created a school designed to teach it to civilians. The formation of Psi-Tech in Los Angeles occurred after the military discarded remote viewing as a failed experiment in spy technology. In light of current events, that turned out to have been a serious blunder.

While certain people in high places wrote off the concepts of psychic functioning and remote viewing as foolishness, Major Dames was either convinced it was a valid new scientific tool that needed to be passed on to others and developed for its potential, or it was for him a way of exploiting students. He assessed them up to $5,000 for a week of study and seemed to be making a very good living at it. 

Granted, the class he taught was reportedly intense. Some of his students obviously saw the money to be made in that field and went off to start schools of their own.

Dames recently fell under attack because of a problem that led to the break up of his partnership and a decision to quit Psi-Tech. His formation of a new and competitive school, TRV Institute, resulted in litigation and many of the seeds of hate that began flooding the web.

Then there were the critics, the ones who cry that Dames is a fake who is seeking cheap publicity with doomsday prophecies during appearances on the Art Bell night radio talk show. To discredit him they say Dames lost a million-dollar lawsuit, that he doesn't make accurate predictions and that remote viewing is a hoax.
While Dames has obviously given the technique a black eye with some of his strange predictions that didn't come true, that does not mean the technique is flawed.

Remote viewing is a technique of temporarily shutting off left brain functioning and utilizing the right brain to tap into a collective consciousness of information. There seems to be a kind of invisible library of data, created by human thought, that can disseminate information to anyone who knows how to enter it. Thus a good remote viewer can sit in a dark room, with pen and paper, and draw pictures of objects and acquire a wide range of information about anyplace in the world, and at any time either the past, present or future, without going there.

Without going into a lot of detail, I can say through personal knowledge that remote viewing is real, and it may soon be recognized as an exact science. Our son, Aaron C.
Donahue, trained under Dames and has personally shown us over and over again that the technique works. But Donahue went beyond the lessons he learned from Dames. He devoted five solid years to perfecting the techniques. Now, instead of a team of trained remote viewers saying they can produce an estimated 70 percent of accuracy, Aaron alone gets almost 100 percent accuracy. Working as a team with his sister, Jennifer Sharpe, they are incredibly accurate. 
You can see some of the things Aaron has been working on by visiting his web site at .
As Aaron has so aptly stated since discovering remote viewing, "there are no longer any secrets." A team of good remote viewers can be instrumental in helping our military find and flush out the terrorists, no matter where they are hiding. Unfortunately, to date, neither the U. S. military nor civil authorities are willing to use Aaron and Jennifer's talents.

Among the targets Aaron worked on during the horrible days immediately following the 9-11 bombing attacks was a search for living bodies in the rubble. Unfortunately he found just two people still alive, and both of them apparently buried so deep in the pile that workers failed to reach them in time.

Donahue says he sees mass deaths in our future. There will be a terrible world war. There will be no food. We are entering the long awaited apocalypse that will claim 5.3 billion lives before it ends.

He suggests that we devote our remaining days with someone we love, and make the best of the time we have left.