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The Abba Father Told Doris She Would Die This Year

By James Donahue

I never wrote about it because I didn’t want to believe it. The Abba Father, the entity that communicated through my late wife, Doris, and made predictions so accurate they were scary, told her on several occasions that she would die in 2013.

At first she kept this news to herself. But after checking it several times and always getting the same answer, Doris told me about the Abba Father’s death prediction. Of course I refused to believe it. He said I would live on a few more years. Our daughter, Jennifer, who also is a clairvoyant but gets her information on the Tarot cards, recently said I would remain alive for a while because I still have work to do. It was not yet my time.

You must understand that my grief over losing Doris has been so severe that I have thought seriously of joining her. Life no longer has meaning for me without her at my side. With two crippled arthritic knees there is not much for me to offer the world except through my writing. And since Doris’ death, the creative spirit that drove me to my desk each day has dwindled.

The family and I have been so wrapped up in paperwork, red tape and all of the legal issues involved in dealing with death that finding spare time to even write a brief story for this site has involved extra effort. I have to rise early in the day to get it done. The politics of the day has become so twisted and unreal I find myself tired of it.

The corruption in Washington and in state houses has become blatant and the people appear to be so generally stupid that I have lost any hope of living to see change for the better in the United States. Would that the people take to the streets in protests like we are watching in other nations at this time. There is where the hope lies. It left America when the Bush family took power. Probably even farther back when they shot John Kennedy.

Alright, so I accept the order to hang on here for a few more years to make perhaps a significant mark in this old world. I will do the job I came here to do. I just wish I knew what it is so I can get on with it. In my current state of mind I am anxious to get it over with.