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Direct Contact With The Abba Father!

By James Donahue

We are pleased to announce that in these troubled and unsettling times, The Abba Father has agreed to work through my wife, Doris Donahue, in arranging private and group sessions with the general public.

Regular visitors to this website know that The Abba Father, who describes himself as one of the elders of the Earth, has been providing amazingly accurate prophetic and vital information to help humanity prepare for the looming catastrophic events ahead and understand the impact of current events as they are happening. All of the information directed to the public in the past can be found by clicking on Abba Father Dialogue at the top of this page.

Doris speaks to The Abba Father telepathically but confirms the information with the help of a blank sheet of paper and the use of letters and numbers placed on the paper in any pattern. She also sees light streaming from her fingers before she makes contact.

Because he exists in another dimension, she says The Abba Father has a problem with numbers and establishing dates when future events will occur. Predictions of floods, storms and catastrophic events may occur within weeks, and sometimes a year or longer after they are made.

People who deal with psychic energies always warn that evil or negative spirits sometimes can deliver false messages. After 20 years Doris has learned how to clear the area around her before achieving direct contact. She goes into a mental state that appears to be a form of being out of the body when talking to The Abba Father. For this reason, I am always with her, recording her spoken words.

In a session on October 28 the message from The Abba Father was to make this service available to the public. In his own words he said it is "a different time now and the human race needs this information to be informed on events coming to their lives."

He said the information "will give hope to others. A fee can be arranged with an amount of about $300 for a private session."

He said the group price should be "about $70 a person."

To make this service available, we have established a special website at On this site you can find details on just how to arrange for payment for personal or group sessions if desired. The group sessions will be arranged through conference calling so will be limited in the number of people allowed in at one time.

This service will not be open to people seeking to use the information for illegal or immoral purposes. We reserve the right to refuse service at any time and we will not accept responsibility for the validity or impact of information received.

For more information contact us at The service is expected to be available beginning Wednesday, October 31.