The Abba Father
July 14 Message:
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“Stop money greed. Love one another. Strict decision was made on the way of wars. Resist the result of hearts turning toward hatred. Prayers will become heard all over the Earth. Mankind must turn away from fears to cause a peaceful end to troubles on Earth. Do not worry about situation now at hand. Help is here. Earth cannot be destroyed. Join the many who are for peace. Bring an end to ways of men who cannot change the hatred and greed. They will not be able to put the light away now. It is becoming brighter and will change mankind’s ways.

“Your mind’s work has been what was needed in time to save all. This will be the last words heard today so love one another with hearts that cannot stop. Bring your light to your mind and heart. Sing the song to your hearts. Sing as long as you need. Bring back unconditional love to one another. Fight for your many hidden ways you have yet to discover. Your minds are powerful and energy rests there. This will strengthen your abilities to help all mankind. You are turned on. You are stronger now than before. Love is the key to all. None other. Follow the ways said to you earlier. You are all precious beings. Ancient ones are with you. Know this.”