The Abba Father
July 13 Message:
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“Proper preparation cannot become complacent now. All must participate in turning of events coming. Barriers will be set up to prevent success. Control of minds is a coming event. Energy systems are set up for this control. Electrical magnetic forces cannot work unless the right frequency has produced the fields of energy detected on these force fields. Turned on will produce sound waves that cannot be heard. Magnetic fields are not running right. Interference comes now that stops this. Hits the field is other strange occurrences not understood.

“Man on Earth cannot regulate Earth’s way now. Reason the field is disturbed is using technology that will control all humans. This will become a dangerous way so Earth changes interfere now to stop happening on Earth. Man is not the creator of all. Man must not interfere with Earth’s magnetic field. Eath will be a survivor, not mankind, so watch what you do to the Earth. Earth will rebel. Earth will not be kind. Events that prevent love will be destroyed.”