The Abba Father
July 10 Message:
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“People all over the Earth cannot stop Earth’s powerful ways now. The Earth is alive. The Earth cannot stand any more destruction. What comes will be very unexpected and not of human’s way. This will be a warning at first but if the human race continues to destroy the next way will become a great deadly massive turn of events no one will escape. Reasonable ones will not be able to help so put your wrong ways on Earth away now. Time is running out.

“Do not harm the Earth. Do not continue this way. Fears will hit all. Governments will fail all over the world. This has to happen. No one can stop this now. Words will become restricted all over the Earth.

“Process love among each other. This love and kindred spirit will help you. Groups of awake minds, ones that love unconditionally, will be ready for this. Material things cannot help. Gold will not save you. But communities who are prepared will help others cope with this happening so more people who process love and not hatred will be spared in a miraculous way so others can go there for help. You must attach your minds to another way during this time. Open up your hearts to others in love. They cannot resist. Tell them you love them unconditionally. Fear nothing. This will hold you up in future coming of events.”