The Abba Father
July 8 Message:
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“Reason loved ones are preparing for the events is the words that are said now. Many were lost and no love was there. But a resonance has begun and change will come. This way will be the only solution to all Earth’s problems. Follow them. No one can take away what you have in your heart. This is reality from a being held on from ancient times. This light will become so bright your heart and mind cannot fathom the energy emitted from you now.

‘Quickly others catch on and love abounds, never to leave. All hatred is gone. Justice will come to those who are for greed. This is not the future; not material things. All can live in this light. All can turn around love on Earth to never letting hatred come back. Remember, you are very powerful beings. Your minds hold the key so love and light comes stronger to you every day. This prepares you for events coming.”