The Abba Father
July 3 Message:
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“Unrest is at hand now throughout the Earth. Many are cut off from a baffling money supply. The leaders are slowly taking all humanity’s rights away. Soon property will not be owned. Fears about not knowing the truth becomes evident. This will not stop. Breaking news comes to America’s leaders about this. They try to stop happenings but are not being listened to. Proper war forces are sent away from our shores so America is left unmanned. Recruits will have to be used and all men will go to the borders. Soon all living beings will become detained in each country, unable to leave.

“But this will not last. Kings on earth wake up to another source of power, one that is love and light. Everyone who cannot love will not receive the gifts of freedom that all will seek. Portals will open and be seen as escape routes for humans who cannot see the light. The Earth will be cleansed of all these beings that have ravaged the Earth.

“New ways will come to Earth so no need to  worry. This process of the cleansing will be short. Stay with love. Stay in the light. You as human beings are very precious and all will be spared in the light that spreads around Earth. No one can escape this way.”