The Abba Father
July 2 Message:
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“Wars come here in the near future. President cannot stop this from happening. The people in the Americas are going to protest the events happening soon. Protesters will cause a big reason to use force to clear the ones that refuse to leave so unrest continues to come. No one can escape the tragedies here. So realized the effects of freedom being lost.

“Help will come from an unusual place; one not known before. Kingdoms will dissolve. Real mind control will be used then to manipulate the people but the Earth will shut this down so no one can ever be harmed again by this device. Money will become useless.

“A new world will begin. The light within will become everyone’s source of energy – one forgotten. Love will return to all on Earth. Put back will be a new way of operating – one that is new – one that is for all the right way to live on the precious Earth. New beginnings without greed, without hatred. All this will be gone. Love will abound all over the world. Peace will make calm and order to mankind. Restful ways never more to harm the Earth. The mind’s energy will be changed forever. The heart’s energy will become love.”