The Abba Father
June 29 Message:
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“Years of bad events on Earth have taken many who were awake and willing to put Earth back. Soldiers still march to participate in bloody wars not necessary now. They are not at fault but others who make decisions are. Proper chain of command delivers truth but no one listens because of the greed of wars going on now.

“Reality will soon make its mark on all humankind throughout the globe so keep up the light way in spite of hatred for others everywhere. Bombs cannot start. This will destroy all mankind on earth. Starving children will become innocent victims. Where is love now? This way is an abomination to all mankind.

“Poor and rich will not escape the Earth’s wrath if it is broken so try to help others involved now. Link to the light. Let it pour out inside your hearts and mind. This will change the course. All leaders must heed this warning of impending danger. They must change. They must embrace love now.”