The Abba Father
June 25 Message:
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“Remain truthful. Remain slow to anger. Remain hopeful. Remain bold in your mind’s purpose as humans. Love all unconditionally. Light comes to you now without effort so be conscious of the power here. This is a force. Nothing else can stand in the way of this. Remember who you are with this light. You have power now that some want to put out so keep on. You will not give anyone power over you. Work for justice to come quickly.

“Light can be seen from your heart and your head now. Also you can feel the light at your fingertips. To check this, put your hands on a white paper. A light you can see comes from there. Concentrate on light coming from your heart then your head. Then the light is visible at your fingertips on this white paper. It is so bright it remains on the paper after you remove your hands. Do this and you will know the power of the light all humans have.

“The many will not believe so few will bring hope to everyone on Earth. Many do not believe this light source but they need to ask for their lights to be turned on. Turmoil beginning will be easier to manage if humans are awakened to the light they have always had.”