The Abba Father
June 21 Message - Summer Equanox
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Time for Awakening!

“Turn on your light today. Force the light through all your cells. Wrap your light around your body. Now take this light to your heart. Move upward to your brain. Force the light to expand there. This light will cause an awakening to a powerful mind and heart. Do this every day.

“The light will emanate from your head and you can see this at your fingertips. Light will become embedded in all your cells. This awakening will become your sword. Life will have a new meaning - one most powerful - one very ancient - one that was taken away long ago. But strange enough, a little ember was left so you could awaken the light again.

“Now is the time for all to awaken. Men will not understand this way. They will not know the power in this light. The Abba Father is with you so turn on and be not afraid. This day will become very important. Revealing from now on. Know your power is within you, not without. Become the light. Become the source of a new beginning, one of healing; one of love. This is for all humans. No one is excluded.

“Stay with love, not hatred. Many will not participate. Rest in the light. Do not doubt the power there. Love to all is from a higher plain, one you cannot fathom now, but soon you will see.”