The Abba Father
June 20 Message
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“Proper storage of food and water will help in the coming days. Soon all will change. Mankind will become fearful and not happy with the outcome of greed. The Event Horizon is upon us now. No turning back. Lights will flicker.

“Goal here is for a containment of large groups of people to be contained. Water comes faster than expected to the coast most damaged soon. Mother Earth cannot stand the pressure from this. Understand strict warnings about this event. All will become angry. Many will force governments to help them but no one can.

“Found out all this was staged by a greedy company not seeing into the disaster nor carrying for others. Now they too will become like all on Earth. No different than others. They think they are safe but justice will hit them. Also no one escapes travesty like this to animals and birds. This is a human error never to be fixed, so put love there. Others cannot do this.

“Light up your mind. All can be part of a new dimensional way of living. The love and light that emanates from all who participate will heal them so continue this light process no matter what the circumstances. This is the only way for light beings to exist in such a world of hatred and greed.”