The Abba Father
June 19 Message:
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“Wrath comes from a source soon; one that cannot be stopped. Serious ones whose spirit is in tune with the Earth’s magnetic field will stop all mankind’s greed. The future will become harsh and will be a brief moment in time but stay focused on love and not greed.

“Spoken before was this message. Tell all. Let no one not know the way of Earth’s frequency now changing to a higher beam of light and sound. The light comes from the Sun. The frequency comes from the Earth’s core. The light source is combined with the magnetic field so all the energy will combine together and cause a shift on Earth. But stay with this course. You will have help.

“Your brains will adjust to this but many secrets will be known. All light beings will be there. Your light source will be bright so keep in the path of light. You know how this is done. Every cell has light. Your brain is now ready to receive this way. Everyone can participate but greed cannot be there.

“Things are no longer important now after this wave of energy comes. Stay awake. Bring your powerful minds toward this source. Resonate love in spite of the hatred that surrounds you. Stay here. Love all.”