The Abba Father
June 14 Message:
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“Turn away all fears about the outcome of coming events. Some may be alarming so pay no heed to this way. Trust in your resonance to help you stay focused. A long month ahead will become deadly to some. Pay no heed to trouble. This is part of cleansing effect.

“Many will be caught up in financial problems but these will soon cease. Nothing can interfere with the future that is coming. The Abba Father sees the problems there on Earth. Hidden are many helpers that care and are aware of this event.

“Store water to drink. Love all. Don’t let hatred enter your mind at this time. This will be hard to do but be still and calm your mind on a daily way. Electrify your body in preparation. Put minds to proper resonance.

“Jump for joy over turning of events so soon. Moon will soon be into a direction never before seen. This sets events on a different path.”