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Strange Storm Synchronicity


By James Donahue

According to information obtained by the Infowars website, the concept of a super hurricane roaring up and East Coast and slamming into New York and the New England coast was not only thought of, but used in a practice drill for first responders in Westchester County, New York, in 1997.

Amazingly, the name of the fictitious hurricane created for this simulated drill was Sandy.

The drill, sponsored by the American Radio Relay League, was simulated from data from a Category 3 hurricane that slammed Long Island and Westchester County in 1938. Reading through the details of the storm, alleged to have happened on a Saturday, October 3, there is an eerie similarity to what really happened when the real Hurricane Sandy came calling on October 29-30, 2012.

The storm generated in the Gulf of Mexico, then skirted the East Coast until making a left turn and slamming directly ashore in the vicinity of Long Island. In the simulated drill the hurricane warning was extended from Cape Lookout, North Caroline all the way northward along the New England coast to Rockland, Maine.

The 1997 simulated hurricane reached maximum sustained winds of 125 miles per hour, making it more powerful than the actual Sandy. But the bulletin in the 1997 simulation described it as a storm with hurricane force winds extending outward to 60 miles and tropical storm force winds extending up to 240 miles.

The simulated storm was expected to produce rainfall totals of six to 10 inches and the storm surge flooding was predicted to be from 10 to 15 feet above normal tides.

The similarities of what really happened with the real Sandy are shocking. It was almost as if the creator of the 1997 event had entered a time warp and captured a glimpse of the future, or if some mysterious force used the simulated storm report as a pattern for its behavior 15 years later.