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The Gods Are Angry

Meteors, Dolphin Pods And Storms – Are We Missing The Message?

By James Donahue

While world government leaders wrangled over money, power and territory, it appeared that the forces that really control our world were trying to get our attention during the week of February 11-18, 2013. While the various events caused us to stop in our tracks for a few moments and notice that something was occurring, we wonder if anybody has considered just how bizarre this collection of events really was.

As a constant parade of super-storms continued to march across the United States from coast-to-coast, bringing with them fierce blizzards in the north and violent rainstorms with severe winds and tornadoes stretching all the way to the Gulf Coast, meteors and asteroids were lighting up the skies.

While world astrologers had their telescopes trained on Asteroid 2012 DA14, a space rock estimated to be half the size of a football field that was making an uncomfortably close fly-by past the earth, a second unexpected meteor dropped down over Chelyabinsk, Russia and exploded with the force that outshined the morning sun, damaged buildings and left an estimated 1,000 people hurt from flying glass and debris.

Nobody saw the Russian meteor coming. Nor did they see a second meteor that was shot on a private video that appeared to pass so close over Saudi Arabia that it left a tail of smoke as it too, burned while passing through the Earth’s atmosphere. This event appears to have happened on February 18, the date when the video made its appearance on DiscloseTV. Some claim this meteor also struck the earth somewhere in a desert area of Saudi Arabia.

A third passing meteor was seen and captured on video as it passed over Florida on February 17. It also passed close enough that it entered the earth’s atmosphere and burst into a flame bright enough to light up the night sky. People who witnessed this event said it began with a green glow that eventually turned orange and became "bright as the sun." The meteor was seen from Jacksonville south to Miami.

The American Meteor Society says it is investigating about 30 reports of meteor sightings in Florida Sunday night. Was it all the same passing meteor or did a cluster of meteors pass over Florida?

On Friday night, yet another fireball was observed passing over the San Francisco Bay area in California. This meteor passed close enough to briefly light up the night sky.

Californians were given an even different spectacular display of an estimated 100,000 dolphins swimming in what was described as a "super mega pod" off the coast of San Diego on Sunday. Joe Dutra, captain of an excursion vessel for Hornblower Cruises, said his vessel followed the dolphins for about an hour as passengers watched this spectacular display of leaping dolphins. Dutra said the pod covered an area about seven miles long and five miles wide. He said he had never seen anything like it.