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"Something Is Happening"

The World In Transition

By James Donahue

So the dreaded date of December 21, 2012 came and went. It was the day the infamous Mayan Calendar, carved in stone hundreds of years ago, came to an abrupt end, which sparked speculation that the world as we know it would be ending or that we would be going into a paradigm shift, an awakening of consciousness unlike anything the human race has ever experienced before.

Has it happened?

December 22 appeared to be just another day. So did December 23. We plowed through the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, faced a winter laced with strange weather patterns, and watched anxiously as the Conservatives and Liberals in Washington argued over taxes and money. From all appearances December 21 wasn’t a magical milestone in human history after all.

And yet . . . and yet . . .

There is something in the wind these days. It isn’t quite as dramatic as we had expected, but change is clearly in the works. We could hear it in President Barack Obama’s State of the Union message. If you listened closely it was a message of hope which described a new and better world that could be within our grasp. He described a better life for all Americans, with people of all races, of all creeds having an equal chance at getting a good education and preparing to do the work of repairing the nation’s crumbling infrastructure, of finding new energy sources, of dealing with climate change and making the United States a beacon to the world once more.

Mr. Obama spoke of reaching out to the poor people of all nations of the world and working to assure equality for everybody. It was an inspiring speech that had nearly everybody . . . even many of the hard-nosed Republican members of Congress . . . getting to their feet in warm reception to the words . . . the ideas.

Change is in the wind. The decision by Pope Benedict to resign in the midst of the Lenten season, one of the most holy times for the Roman Catholic Church, is a clear sign that the old religious system is starting to crumble. Young people are expressing more interest in alternative spiritual pursuits and turning away from the old and outdated religious systems by the droves.

Huffington Post columnist Sarah Davidson recently wrote: "Something is happening. It’s undeniable, impossible to describe and whatever it is, it’s manifesting into an intense and palpable energy, crossing all boundaries and all sectors and affecting everyone on every level."

Davidson continued: "At the very least, things are shifting. According to geologists and economists alike, we’ve entered the Antropocene – the age of man – which follows the relatively stable Holocene period."

She quoted from a Smithsonian report which said: "A consensus has been reached that the tremendous scope of transformations now occurring on the Earth, with profound effects on plants, animals and natural habitats, is primarily the result of human activities . . . On a geological scale the planet has entered a new era. Natural processes that control the functioning of the planet have been interrupted, refashioned, or accelerated over the last thousand years by human civilization. No longer can nature be studied or understood in isolation from the human world."

An interesting story on one of the many occult web sites included an interview with a woman named Aingael Rose O’Grady, who claimed to have access to the Akashic Records, an alleged spiritual library of all the information collected by humanity both past and in the future.

O’Grady said she believes we are all adjusting to new earth energies that will take between 10 and 15 years to manifest.

"It’s like we’re going into this birth canal," O’Grady said. "This light is coming in and it is stimulating a lot of unhealed things in people. The old world is dying. It’s just not going to be the same. In that process you will have a lot of people leave. They won’t be able to handle the pressure of it."

O’Grady said: "The shift is happening on so many levels. It’s happening to our biology; our animal and plant life. It’s seen under the oceans. There’s a huge cleansing going on and everyone is feeling it."

Even the astrologers are observing the signs of change. They say the planet Pluto is in Capricorn, which is an important event. The last time this happened was in 1776 during the American and French Revolutions. They say it is interesting that revolutions are occurring all around the world at this time.

Pluto is known among astrologers as "the destroyer." When it is in the right alignment it breaks down corruption and allows humanity to break free from controls that have kept people in economic slavery for hundreds of years.