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In Bugeci Mountains
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Ancient Tunnels Of The Giants

By James Donahue

We are all familiar with the great Sphinx, a massive carved stone animal that appears to be a lion with a human face that guards the landscape within view of the three great pyramids of Egypt. But few people know that there exists a second stone Sphinx, somewhat smaller than the Egyptian Sphinx, and much more weather worn, that stands in the Bucegi Mountains in Romania.

There is a legend told by the locals, and even spoken of in a book, Transylvanian Sunrise, by Radu Cinamar, translated by Peter Moon, that speaks of three great tunnels that exist under the Romanian monolith. The tunnels are said to go out for miles…one leading toward Egypt, the second one toward Iraq and the third, located between the others, appearing to go down under the planet’s crust and possibly to the very core of the Earth.

As the story is told, the caves, and a massive cavern that exists just under the Romanian Sphinx, are protected by some kind of unknown but powerful energy system that they say can kill anyone that gets too close to it. Those that claim to have found a way in say the great cavern is filled with tables so large they had to have been built for giants. Also the room is filled with a recorded holographic history of the Earth that belies everything historians and archaeologists have concluded.

The stories told about these artificially constructed caves and the technology found inside them are so incredible they appear to be works of fiction. Yet there are numerous reports to be found, all seemingly coming from different sources. We believe, however, that the entire story comes from Cinamar's book, since he seems to have been the only writer ever allowed inside. The stories explain that the secrecy has been created by the high government and powerful private organizations that have collectively placed a "top secret" lid on the caves and everything to be found within them.

While local natives have known about the legend of the caverns, their existence apparently did not come to light until we mounted new ground-penetrating radar on our satellites and began mapping both the surface and everything under the surface of our planet.

Once the U.S. government was aware of the amazing underground architecture in existence under Romania with tunnels stretching throughout the Middle East, there was powerful diplomatic pressure from the Pentagon, the Vatican, the Freemasons and the Bilderburgs to close the area to public access and find a way to safely enter the caves and discover the advanced technology to allegedly be found there. Or so the story is told.

The problem was that the entrance to the secret caves and the massive dome said to exist near the center of the mountain was blocked by a strange energy barrier that caused anyone who got close to collapse from cardiac arrest. They said that objects thrown at the barrier turned to dust.

It was said that an Iraqi entrance to the cavern between the Bucegi Mountain site and Baghdad was discovered by Americans just prior to the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Apparently the Iraqis were unaware of its existence. After the invasion, when U.S. forces had access to the Iraqi entrance, they found the same energy force blocking the way into the cave from that end.

Cinamar claims in his book that he had the chance to visit this secret site, and gain entrance with the help of the Romanian Intelligence Service working in conjunction with the Pentagon, and observe a holographic "hall of records" that he believes was left by an advanced civilization at some time in the ancient past. He said secret Pentagon technology was used to penetrate the chambers.

The book records the events leading up to the discovery of the caverns and includes a description of everything found inside, at least as far as the large cavern that the author describes as large as some of the massive cathedrals in Europe.

There may be some credibility to the Cinamar story found in a strange account by a man identified only as Dragos, a Romanian who told of two brothers, both skilled mountaineers, who were climbing in the Bucegi Mountains in 1981. "One of the brothers climbed three-quarters of the height of the cliff, where he noticed some strange signs carved in stone and almost completely eroded by the time. When he came up the narrow rock platform, bent down and lifted a strange yellow object that resembled a chain, but the next moment suddenly disappeared under the astonished gaze of his brother."

When authorities were summoned to the scene, they refused to believe the story that one of the brothers just disappeared after lifting the yellow object. So another man boldly lifted the object and also disappeared as over 10 other witnesses looked on, Dragos wrote.

After this Dragos said the area was cordoned off and some kind of mysterious research was conducted. The locals were forbidden to enter the restricted area. He said the two missing men were never seen again.

Over the years the area has drawn the attention of various famous or infamous characters that included Madame Helena Blavatsky and Adolf Hitler. Professor Ernst Muldashev wrote a book, Das Dritte Auge, which told of some Samadhi caves on Mount Kailash where some soldiers suffered extreme headaches and even died of heart attacks while attempting to enter them. Muldashev's book was later banned.