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Jumping Through Time Warps And Universes

By James Donahue

My late wife and I experienced a number of odd warps in reality over the years. I recall one night in particular when we dropped our son off at his friend’s house in Ubly, Michigan, and drove back to our apartment in nearby Bad Axe.

The sky looked strangely sullen that evening…as if a thunderstorm was building. But there was no thunder or lightning. Just that strange anxious feeling we get when a storm is building. We left Ubly for what was normally about a 15-minute drive to Bad Axe. That night, however, we drove and drove down that country blacktop road and couldn’t seem to get to our destination.

The road from Ubly goes north until it intersects with highway 53 that leads into Bad Axe. There is a blinking yellow light at the corner. At some points in our drive we could see the blinking light far ahead of us. Then after dropping into a low point in the road the light dropped from our view. After what seemed like a very long time and when the car reached the crest of a hill, the blinking light became visible again, but it seemed to be just as far away as before.

We drove and drove down that road. We sensed that it took an hour or longer before we finally reached that intersection. We were both getting alarmed about what seemed to be happening to us. Yet when we finally reached our home, we noticed that only about 15 minutes had passed from the time we left Ubly.

I have collected a few other stories about odd and unexplained things that have happened to people. They all seem to point to possible jumps between universes and possible warps in time.

A young woman and her friend were driving home from work one evening in 2012 and found the house dark, her parents missing and the house in disarray. The family dog refused to enter the house, which also was strange. Attempts to contact her parents on their cell phone were also unsuccessful. The girls got in their car and were driving off to get help when the woman’s cell phone rang. It was her mother, inquiring why the girls were so late getting home. Upon returning to the house they found the parents there watching television and everything looking as it should have been.

In yet another strange incident, a woman from San Bernardino, California, drove to Riverside, her family home, on business. When she drove into her old neighborhood she said nothing looked familiar. The house she grew up in was not where it should have been. None of the neighborhood houses looked right. She drove to where her grandmother’s home should have been and that was also missing. In its place was a modern ranch-style house. She also found that the cemetery where her grandparents were buried was also missing. All she found was a fenced, weed-filled lot. She checked her old high school and college and they were right where they should have been. But when she took the main street through the downtown area, "there were scary looking people so I got out of there," she said.

Sometime after that the woman returned once again to Riverside when her father died. She said she found that the cemetery where he was buried, next to her grandparents, was no longer an empty weedy lot, but the cemetery was just as she remembered it. Also the homes were standing as they should have been, and the entire city was back to normal.

Another strange incident occurred in Atwater, California, in the fall of 1981. The teller of this story said he and his brother and a cousin were doing what young boys do . . . they were exploring an abandoned old one-story brick house. The building was a long structure, with the interior divided into four rooms, each separated by solid brick walls. They found all of the rooms empty. He said he and his cousin left the building and were sitting in the yard waiting for his brother to emerge. Time passed and the boys began calling for the missing brother. When he emerged, he came out of a different room than they saw him enter. He was crying and confused and went into some kind of seizure. He talked about a hole opening up in the floor and another one in the wall. "Then he went silent, he became still with a faraway stare in his eyes." The brother was never the same after that.

And finally, we have a strange story told by a man named Michael, who observed a strange incident while driving one night from Sydney, Australia, to New South Wales. He said he was taking some local roads that pass through forests and farmlands. The trip should have not lasted over three hours but after what seemed like three hours, Michael found himself still driving.

He said he stopped along the road for a rest and noticed the moon shining brightly, low in the sky through the trees. He decided to hike through the trees to get a better look at the moon, but when he reached an open field of crops, he found that it was not a moon, but a very large spotlight. Suddenly the light switched off and another spotlight switched on, with its beam going in the opposite direction. It highlighted a scarecrow that appeared to be moving.

Michael said he walked back to his car, turned on the engine, and looked back one last time. To his amazement the trees were gone and all that remained was the field. The spotlight was gone but the field remained strangely illuminated. And instead of a scarecrow, he said he saw a man with a shotgun. He watched in horror as the man pointed the gun at his own head and fired. He shut his eyes, and when he opened them again, he found his car parked in the field. Michael reasoned that he must have fallen asleep and that he had been dreaming.

A few days later he said he returned to that field in the day and looked over the place where this strange incident occurred. "In the distance I saw a house. Now I swear, when I looked at that house, I saw a man in the window. He wasn’t the same man, but that didn’t matter. He was upside-down."