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Russia Also Experienced Roswell Type Incident

By James Donahue

Americans are familiar with the Roswell UFO crash story when some kind of unidentified airborne craft crashed on a New Mexico ranch on July 7, 1947. Early reports were that it was a spacecraft containing extraterrestrial life. The government later said it was a weather balloon and denied the original UFO reports.

Roswell has been the subject of a government conspiracy theory ever since. A top secret Air Force testing site, known as "Area 51" at Groom Lake, Nevada, became part of the conspiracy story. Theorists believed the government reverse engineered the crashed UFO and used its secrets to design many of the advanced new military aircraft now in the skies. It was also said the bodies of dead and even captured aliens were held and studied there.

Now, with the recent opening of the Area 51 exhibit at the National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas, visitors are finding a strange display titled "authentic alien artifact."

The display includes what are described as "a variety of objects" that strangely include vials of small pieces of material that came from an alleged UFO crash that occurred on January 29, 1986, on Mt. Izvestkovaya, near Dalnegorsk, Russia.

Rather than use the tongue-twisting name of the mountain as its nick the Russians referred to the site as Height 611.

Russian researcher Valeri Dvuzhilini from the Academy of Sciences was among the first to reach the site. He reportedly collected samples of a metallic mesh scattered at the crash site. He found rocks and vegetation that had been scorched.

George Knapp, a reporter for KLAS-TV in Los Angeles, was the first American journalist to travel to the Russian UFO crash site in the 1990s. He was given samples of the material gathered at the site, which have apparently found their way into the Los Angeles museum.

The objects include very small and perfectly round glassy spheres. Scientific tests of metallic materials in the vials found them uniquely different from metals known on Earth. Atoms are more widely spaced, radar cannot be reflected from the material and some of the material disappears when heated and new ones appear. The core of the material even shows anti-gravitational properties, one report stated.

Knapp said hundreds of witnesses reported seeing other UFO-type craft flying above the Height 611 site in the days after the crash. He said it appeared as if they were searching for the crash site.

If the Russian UFO crash story is true, we must wonder where the main body of the crashed aircraft was removed to, and what the Russian engineers and scientists did with it. Did they also reverse engineer the wreck to gain advanced insight on future air and space craft?

We suspect there may be secret knowledge held behind government closed doors that we cannot begin to fathom.

It is a shame that we live in a world of mistrust between nations and that such knowledge must be made inaccessible from public view. It should be used for making our world better instead of turning the information into weapons for human destruction.

If the aliens are indeed circling our planet, we can understand why their craft never lands and the operators step out to say "howdy." As long as we retain this barbaric nature such an event will never happen.