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The New Website Coming Soon

By James Donahue

Regular readers of this website have probably noticed that things haven’t been quite the same in recent weeks. This is because various programs I have been using to rebuild my pages have been “updating” to accommodate the new breed of touch screen computers, I-pads and portable devices that have been flooding the stores.

Unfortunately, the easy “click and drag” system I have been using for the past decade is also changing. Instead of simply dragging a paragraph of copy from one page to the next and then linking it to the full story, I am now forced to spend time working through the complex maze of computer HTML just to provide that link. New pictures can replace the images already on the pages I edit, but I find myself unable to post additional images.

Consequently, the shipwreck stories have temporarily stopped appearing because they all come with pictures.
Holiday decorations and other special images aren't showing.
Instead of writing new copy, I am spending most of my time posting the stories I have, and then learning how to work with a new webpage program I hope to open soon. It will appear one day under the same name . . . But it may look very different. And it will behave in a different way. We are trying to save the old format as much as possible. 
There will probably be much less art.

When it opens . . . which we think will be very soon. I hope you like it. If you forget and click on this link, you should be automatically redirected to the new site.