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Wales Mystery Man A Visitor From A Parallel Universe?


By James Donahue

October, 2006


Police in Wales are baffled over the identity of a man who has been breaking into a house near Ammanford, Carmarthenshire to cook food.


The man has been arrested and booked on burglary charges, although there is no evidence that he stole anything except perhaps a sewing kit. He may have used it to stitch his clothes. It was said he broke into the same house three times before he was charged.


They have nicknamed this man “Piano Man” because he managed to get at a piano while being treated at a local hospital and demonstrated a “remarkable talent for classical recitals.” In other words, he entertained the hospital patients with some excellent piano works.


Also when medics gave the man a pen and paper, he drew detailed pictures of a grand piano.


But authorities say this man, who was found in clothes that were soaking wet on a beach near Sheerness, Kent, carried no identification. He cannot speak or write any known language, and when shown maps and flags from various countries of the world, offers no response. He has apparently done some writing but no one has yet been able to interpret or identify its origin.


All of this presents Wales authorities with a legal dilemma. Until they can find a way to communicate with this man, and get him to respond to court proceedings, there is no legal way for him to be tried for his alleged crime in a court of law. A magistrate has remanded the man to remain in custody until November 2 while attempts are made to identify him.


If we break the barriers of our narrow three-dimensional reality and turn to the creative thinking of science fiction writers or expand even farther to the world of Psychic Aaron C. Donahue, there is another creative way to explain this man’s sudden appearance and his strange behavior.


Suppose that he somehow fell through some kind of warp in time or space and landed in this world from another parallel universe that looks somewhat like his own, but there are differences in the language and the way we function with one another socially. It just might be possible that this man does not understand what happened to him and is as confused about his situation as the Wales police are about his existence in their midst.


Suppose, also, that in this parallel world, the house the man entered three times is identical, or it closely resembles his own home, and/or is located in the very same place his house should be located. This would explain his forced entry so he could do normal things people do in their homes, like cook a meal and perhaps stitch his clothes. He may also have slept in a bed.


In his own world, this man is a fine musician. Pianos exist in both universes, and this man is a master pianist.


That authorities found him on a beach, in wet clothes, suggests that whatever happened to him, if it involved a warp in space or time, he found himself at or near this place on a beach. Has he realized his dilemma? Was he trying to return to his own universe when captured?


This is a strange case, indeed, and the people attempting to help this man need to be a little more creative in their efforts to resolve his predicament. In the process, we all might learn something very important about our own position in space and time.