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The Spirit World As Dealt With By Science And Law


By James Donahue

October 2006


Because my family is deep into esoteric interests and we live among the spirits that roam a haunted old Victorian house, we find it laughable when we occasionally read about the way science and the courts struggle to deal with matters of ghosts, goblins and other elements of the invisible world.


A recent news story involves Filipino Judge Floro Florentino who was dismissed from the bench because of his ongoing relationship with three invisible dwarf “spirit guides.” The judge lost an appeal to keep his job. The Supreme Court’s ruling stated that Florentino’s insistence that the dwarf guides, Luis, Armand and Angel, proved that he has a “medically disabling condition of the mind” that renders him “unfit to discharge the functions of his office.”


Now Judge Florentino has countered by filing a disbarment case against members of that high court. In this case, filed in a country where a widespread belief in spiritual forces exists, the judge apparently tends to try to prove the existence of the spirit world and accuse the tribunal of slandering his good name.


We wish Florentino well in this matter. While we do not know all of the details of this case, or whether the man may, indeed, be deranged and allowing imaginary friends to assist in his decisions on the court bench, we support his claims that a spirit world exists around us. We also agree that these entities have more of an influence on our daily thoughts and actions than most folks would like to admit.


Yet without the technology only now being developed by Prophet and Psychic Aaron C. Donahue to not only evoke these spirits, but capture clear photographic evidence of them, Judge Florentino may have a hard time convincing any court that things invisible to us in our dark three-dimensional world really exist.


In yet another odd story, researchers from University Hospital, Geneva, Switzerland, have published a study in the journal, Nature, that attempts to explain the phenomenon of “shadow people.” These oddities have long been part of folk lore around the world.


Shadow people, for those who may not understand the term, are exactly what the term implies. People tell of capturing glimpses out of the corner of the eye of some large dark shadow, often human in shape, moving across the room or behind the bushes on a dark night. The figures move quickly and are known to move through walls. Some people write the shadow people off as ghosts, but others say they may be something else. All have generally agreed that they belong in the realm of the supernatural.


The Switzerland team, in using electric stimulation of the brain of a 22-year-old woman in testing for epilepsy, discovered that when a certain junction of the brain was stimulated, she described encounters with a shadow person. Because the shadow person mimicked the woman’s own body movements, the team concluded that she was looking at herself in shadow form. In a sense, the electric shocks were giving the woman an out-of-body experience..


So have the scientists explained away the shadow people phenomenon? We think not.


What we find interesting about both of these stories is that in their own peculiar way, both the scientists in Switzerland and that court in the Philippines, are taking a closer look at the spiritual world that surrounds us. Because of long-standing religious traditions, this is something that has been lacking for far too long.