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Alien Encounter Fables Blotting Out The Real Thing


By James Donahue

October 2006


It has been going on for several years. Remember Arizona’s Travis Walton, the woodsman supposedly “abducted” by aliens and later released in the Sitgreaves National Forest. His story made a best-selling book and later a Hollywood film Fire In The Sky.


Then there was Whitley Strieber’s book Communion, an alleged first-hand account of his personal contact with aliens. From that sprang Strieber’s website, additional books, and a weekly radio show. He is making a living on his story.


Now comes Linda Moulton Howe, a Strieber contemporary, with stories about Jim Sparks and Anna Hayes who also claim to have had alien encounters.


Sparks says he was confronted by reptilian type creatures who are here to save planet Earth. His story is that these aliens are like shepherds, looking after us like a farmer looks after his livestock, considering us mentally incapable of saving ourselves. In a sense, the story is quite right. We appear to be incapable of saving ourselves, or even recognizing the great danger we are put ourselves in. But we doubt if there are any reptilian savior types out there trying to save us from ourselves. Sorry Sparks.


Hayes, in yet another book: Voyagers, the Sleepy Abductees, claims to have been snatched by aliens with super human intelligence. She claims that humans have been the victim of alien powers for years, some of them guardians of the Earth and others that wish to do us harm. Most are here for exploitation.


In a sense, Hayes also is correct. We have been manipulated and even exploited, but we doubt if we have any real guardians out there. The aliens we refer to as demons appear want to save the planet, but they don’t exactly like us because we are in the process of killing the Earth.


There have obviously been a few other “abductees” with stories to tell, but not as well known. We met a few of these folks on the streets of Sedona when we lived there briefly about ten years ago. There was talk of an alien ship commander that looked very human who walked among the townspeople. We never had the opportunity to meet and question him, of course.


So it has been with all of these stories. Neither Walton nor Strieber produced proof of their stories. As far as I know, Sparks and Hayes didn’t either. They have shown us no pictures of ships, aliens, or any credible eye witnesses.


Now comes Aaron C. Donahue who says he has not only made contact, but has displayed some spooky images he claims are aliens he is communicating with. Hesays he is doing it not only through evocation, but also through a revised new form of electronic communication with the help of television screens.


Not only is Donahue confronting aliens, he is capturing images of faces of what he says are real people in the future, at their moment of death, as they frantically send messages back through time to warn us of future cataclysmic events that we may still be able to avoid.


According to Donahue, the aliens are the entities we have been calling angels and demons for thousands of years. They have been among us all along, but existing on a spiritual plane just outside of our awareness. Donahue has found a way to break open the “veil” and allow these spirits to come through.


All of these stories suggest that humanity is not only being conditioned for a possible alien contact, but that some people who are vividly aware of the growing danger in global warming are hoping that, if Jesus isn't making his much publicized return, some outside force with the technology we desperately need, will show up at this final hour.


Hold onto your seats world, the truth is out there.