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Mysterious Noah’s Ark Keeps Getting Discovered Again . . . And Again


By James Donahue

September 2006


Benjamin Radford, managing editor of the magazine Skeptical Inquirer, has put into words something that we have been thinking for a long time now. The remains of that mythological ark that carried Noah, his family and all of the animals through the great flood have been discovered and rediscovered by explorers for a lot of years, but the proof has never been shown that such a vessel really existed.


Writing with his tongue jammed firmly in one cheek, Radford records all of the many claims of discovery, including entire books and even television documentaries on the subject, but without anyone every showing us a single fossilized piece of timber from an ark. One film, “In Search of Noah’s Ark,” released in 1976, claims “actual photographic evidence” from satellites, computers and powerful cameras giving photographic evidence that the ark exists even though it seems to be buried deep in the ice atop of Mt. Ararat.


“This is a rather remarkable claim,” writes Radford, “for despite repeated trips to Mt. Ararat over the past thirty years, the Ark remains elusive.”


Radford points out, and we agree, that the actual finding of an Ark would have implications extending far beyond the field of archaeology. It would be a proof of the Hebrew Old Testament myth that some kind of miraculous intervention occurred at a time when the world was allegedly flooded to its hilt.


Theoretically, counting the collapse of a large amount of water from a vapor canopy that some believe existed over Eden and up to the time of the dinosaurs, the Earth might have been flooded although some scientists question whether the entire planet would have been covered with water.


The Ark story, however, is scientifically implausible. As Radford writes: “there simply wouldn’t be enough space on the boat to accommodate two of every living animal along with the food and water necessary to keep them alive.” And this is assuming that the flooding only lasted the 40 days and nights and that the water would find a place to go within a relatively short time of a few weeks or months.


“Furthermore, constructing a vessel of that scale would take hundreds of workers months to complete,” Radford argues. Yet he said, “Biblical literalists – those who believe that proof of the Bible’s events remains to be found – have spent lives and fortunes trying to validate their beliefs.”


The Luciferian construct, on the other hand, presents a most plausible theory as to what happened. And it offers a possible hope for our own foolish race of humans who now are discovering that we have overpopulated and polluted our planet to its limit. Consequently we find ourselves living on a dying planet.


It is the worst of science fiction plots and it is reality. And like the science fiction stories of old, the possibility of rescue by an alien race with technology more advanced than ours, and also because of our genetic link to those alien beings, is a straw well worth grasping.


According to the Luciferian model, a remnant of the human race, and possibly some of the animals, were picked up by an alien vessel and carried through time to another period, and then put back on the planet. We were given another chance.


This may have happened not just once, but numerous times in the distant past.


But the movement of living beings through time was probably not the way it happened. Most likely the alien technology was used to move the DNA of those that were moved. Then this DNA was planted in the bodies of living entities, possibly apes, thus turning them into humans.


This was possible because anaerobic, heat loving organisms exist deep in the earth. NASA scientists found the same kind of pre-biotic chemistry existing on Mars. This is the stuff needed to begin the regeneration of life all over again once disaster strikes and life on Earth goes extinct.


From this perspective we can clearly understand why world mythology credits a living "Mother Earth" with our creation and our daily provision. This planet is truly a sentient being.


The tragedy is that it is dying.


With our planet heating to levels estimated to reach up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit, there will be no surviving organisms after the next mass extinction. Everything will be gone. The Earth will be a dead rock spinning in space and we will have lost our home.