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“Bad Feeling” Caused Him To Cancel Flight On Doomed Aircraft


By James Donahue

Sept. 1, 2006


Senator Larry Shaw of North Carolina said he couldn’t explain what made him so anxious about the trip. But he said he ended up cancelling his trip to Lexington as an event speaker. Had he made the trip he would have been among the passengers killed last Sunday when Comair 5191 crashed and burned after attempting to take off on the wrong runway.


Of the 50 people on that plane there was only one survivor. The other 49 were burned alive after the plane clipped some trees in its attempt to leave the ground anyway, and then dropped down in a nearby field. The co-pilot was pulled alive from the cracked cockpit, but remains in critical condition.


Shaw said he didn’t feel right about cancelling his appointment to be a keynote speaker at a Lexington meeting of a Muslim civil-rights group. They said the speaker who took his place also came close to booking a seat on that flight. But he decided it was too early in the morning and he opted for a later flight.


“In my heart of hearts, I was never comfortable about it, never felt right about this,” Shaw told one news reporter about cancelling that trip. “All my instincts and rationale said, ‘This is not right for you. Don’t do this.’”


Shaw may not realize it, but he has joined a long list of would-be travelers who backed out of boarding doomed ships, aircraft, trains and buses because of that “bad feeling.” He called it instinct, but it was more than that. Shaw actually had a “knowledge” that he would die if he took that flight, and made the correct decision not to get on that plane.


Psychic and Prophet Aaron C. Donahue said everyone has the capability of activating the right hemisphere of the brain and triggering the prophetic area of that brain. When they do this, they can capture information about future events.


To most of us, including Shaw, that “sixth sense” is vague, but gnawing enough that it causes us to back away from the danger, even though we do not see or understand it. But it happens often enough that we know it is a real capability. The problem is that most people never learn how to use it, or use it well.


The Christmas 2004 tsunami in Indonesia that roared across the Indian Ocean killing an estimated 230,000 people can be used as an example of this. While large numbers of people, many of them vacationers packing the beach-front resorts for the holiday, perished in this terrible disaster, hundreds of primitive native tribesmen and women had an unexplained knowledge that they needed to run toward higher ground. It might have been because they saw the animals doing it.


Whatever the reason, those natives, who live close to the Earth and utilize both left and right hemispheres of their brains, survived the deadly waves that swept the islands. The psychically blind tourists and business people, with that third eye shut tight, actually ran toward the beach to watch the big wave roll over them.