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Aaron Appearing Today On New Occult Internet Network

By James Donahue

Prophet Aaron C. Donahue is making a special appearance today on the new Occult Broadcasting Network Internet television network, hosted by Steve O.

The network is running special recorded messages, prepared by Aaron, throughout the day. Steve O. said there is a possibility that Aaron will make a live appearance during the regular Saturday night show he hosts. The show begins at 6 p.m. Eastern, and Aaron's appearance is expected sometime around midnight. 

Aaron's sister, Jennifer, who has been actively working with Steve to get this new network up and running, may also appear on tonight's show. Also featured will be a discussion about the motto "In God We Trust," and the meaning behind the occult symbols that appear on U.S. currency.

Steve O. said that if it can be worked in, the video Zeitgeist also was planned for viewing just prior to the 6 p.m. show.

If he appears, Donahue will be talking about spiritual and world affairs. If listeners get lucky, he may offer prophetic announcements. Donahue, a proven prophet, is known world-wide for his amazing accuracy in foretelling future events.

Donahue predicted that George W. Bush would win re-election to office a year before the 2004 elections. Donahue also foresaw aircraft-like missiles striking and destroying the World Trade Center towers in Manhattan eight months before it happened, but was unable to get government officials to believe it was a prophetic vision.

Aaron predicted last year that the U.S. economy would begin a slow downward spiral from which it would not recover. He says we are beginning to witness this even now because of the home mortgage crisis, the rising price of energy and series of natural disasters, sparked by global warming, that are sweeping the nation.

A portion of his posted message today was taped about one year ago. It contains a prophetic look at a future event that is happening now.

Listeners will not want to miss a single word of Donahue's message.

The Occult Broadcasting Network, which went on line about one month ago, opens its Saturday show at 6 p.m. Eastern, 3 p.m. Pacific Time. It features special guests, great music and selected video clips that address the occult theme.

The show, which is archived, features video as well as vocal broadcasting.

Steve O. notes that the word "occult" means secret, or hidden information. Thus the purpose of the network is "to bring to light those stories that are overlooked in the mainstream media, or the artists and authors whose views might not conform to the masses, yet are potent and need to be considered."

He concludes on his front page that "we are here to enlighten, not sell."

To go to the Occult Broadcasting Network, click on this link.