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American Woman Claims Roots To Jesus


By James Donahue

August 2006


With all the whispering behind Dan Brown’s best-selling fictional story The De Vinci Code, it was bound to happen. Now an American woman claims in a new book that she can trace her blood line to Jesus and Mary Magdalene.


Her name is Kathleen McGowan and she tells her story in a “partly autobiographical” novel expected to be published soon by Simon & Schuster. The book has already been self-published as the first of a three-part series, The Magdalene Line: Book 1.


It explores the theory projected in Brown’s novel that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were legally married and that somehow Mary Magdalene made her way to France to have her child. Some believe Jesus escaped and came to France with her. Others say she fled after the death of Jesus.


Author McGowan offers blood lines that can be traced to France. While there are many copycat books out following the success of Brown’s runaway best seller, this book offers something different. That is because McGowan’s work began in 1989 and thus predates Brown’s work. The book also has been in print for over a year with some 2,500 copies sold.


The problem with McGowan’s claim, and the theory offered in The De Vinci Code, is that the story cannot be proven. There is no documentary evidence that Mary Magdalene ever came to France and bore a child. While she offers what some critics say is a convincing argument, a representative of Simon & Schuster admits that the story “is impossible to verify. It’s all to do with a matter of faith.”


If there is anyone on this planet that can reveal the truth behind the McGowan claim, it would be Psychic and Prophet Aaron C. Donahue. It is interesting to note what Donahue has stated about Jesus Christ and his link to a French lineage.


Donahue maintains that Jesus never married and that he was murdered in the Middle East by both Jewish and Roman leaders for political reasons. He was never crucified, and his body was buried in a shallow grave in the desert.


Donahue says there is a lineage to the family of Jesus that reaches into France, but it traces to a brother of Jesus. That brother is believed to have been James, one of the disciples.


Thus if Kathleen McGowan has done her homework, and can trace a bloodline back that far into the past, she may be onto something. To be a descendant of James will be about as close as anyone can get to being genetically linked to Jesus.