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Rabbi's Death Revelation: Jesus Is The Messiah?

By James Donahue

There was an odd story in the news concerning a prominent Jewish rabbi who wrote the name of the long awaited Messiah on a note a few months before his death. He requested that the note remain sealed for one year. When the note was opened the name scribbled in code on a piece of paper was Yehoshua. That is the Hebrew name for Jesus.

The rabbi, Yitzhak Kaduri, revealed the secret name using six words. He hinted that the initial letters formed the name of the Messiah.

Of course such a revelation by a prominent but very dead religious leader in Israel was bound to stir controversy. The Jews never recognized Jesus as their awaited Messiah, nor did they recognize Muhammad, the great prophet that followed Jesus by about 600 years. Consequently, they are still waiting for the appearance of their own personal Messiah.

Strangely, because the Christian religious system is founded on the Old Testament, and because Jesus was born among the Jews, there are strong ties between the Christians and the Jews. The Christians believe the Jews will play a key role at the end of times, when Jesus is supposed to return in the clouds and save the true believers from apocyliptic events. Yet both the Christians and the Jews see one another as lost and astray from true "salvation" from sin.

That it was a prominent rabbi that identified Jesus as the Messiah has created a dilemma for the orthodox Jews. Not only have the Hebrew publications attempted to ignore this story, but those who are attempting to deal with it, are claiming that Rabbi Kaduri's coded message has been either misinterpreted, or that it is a forgery.

One argument is that the master did not leave an exact solution for decoding the message.

The problem we have among the world religious systems is that all three of them . . . Christian, Jew and Islam, are awaiting the appearance of a Messiah, or a god-sent superman capable of working great magic in the end times to salvage what remains of the dying human race and fixing the mess we have made of things.

The very worst of the lot is the Christians, who teach that Jesus will come down out of the clouds, put an abrupt stop to the final world conflict, save all of the true believers, and then reign over "a new Heaven and new Earth" for a thousand years. That kind of a belief system tends to make its followers sloppy stewards of the planet, which they are, indeed.

Thus we find a sick kind of humor in the fact that the old rabbi put his finger on the Christian Messiah as the real Messiah for the Jews. This suggests that the Jews made a terrible mistake and have been waiting 2,000 years for the appearance of a Messiah that has already come and gone. And the Jewish theologians don't want to even give this idea their consideration. For them it is unthinkable.

That both the Christians and the Jews overlooked the power in the Prophet Muhammad, and failed too accept the truths in the Koran, is yet another great error. Both Jesus and Muhammad were special gifts to the world, sent in an attempt too stop humanity from following what was and remains a misdirected spiritual path.

As long as humans insist on clinging to archaic religious belief systems, and using these systems to breed hatred and bring wars against one another, it appears that the work of both Jesus and Muhammad is lost in vain.