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Five-Hour Standoff
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Too Many Police With Too Many Toys


By James Donahue


It was bound to happen. Police in Port Angeles, Washington, surrounded a house after receiving a report of a suicidal woman inside brandishing a knife.


Instead of knocking on the door and making contact, these cops arrived in numerous cars, surrounded the house with all of their latest technology. Local police and county deputies were involved. One officer watching the back door was equipped with an assault rifle, just in case . . . of what we will probably never know. Remember, the police were there to try to prevent this woman from doing harm to herself.


More cops arrived, and so did local fire fighters and a State Police bomb squad. The street was cordoned off. Officers cautiously approached the house, using a “throw phone” to communicate. When there was no response they pulled out the old bullhorn siren.


In the meantime, neighbors came out to watch. As local television and radio stations picked up on the story, people from all over town started gathering to watch the drama.


The house stood silent. There was no answers to the police orders for the woman to come out of the house. So the bomb squad sent in a robot to have a look around.


The house was empty.


Police cleared the scene that evening after what had been a five-hour-long standoff against a phantom.