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Racism Is A Double-Edged Sword In Palestine

By James Donahue

It seems that the Jews learned well the art of racial and religious persecution during the suffering they endured in Nazi Germany. Now they are committing many of the very same acts against the Palestinians after occupying a land that was never theirs.

In the weeks preceding a U.S. sponsored peace conference, set for later this month, the Zionist regime has stepped up its ongoing campaign against the Palestinian people. Among its most disturbing acts, it declared Gaza as a "hostile territory" and Israeli War Minister Ehud Barak approved the cutting of electricity and fuel supplies to an estimated 1.5 million Palestinians living in that strip of land.

Historians remember how the Germans cut electricity, water and gas to the Warsaw ghetto, where thousands of Jews made their home, during a Nazi siege that led to an eventual deportation of the Jews. That deportation, of course, was into deadly concentration camps where the people died by the thousands, mostly from starvation as World War II raged on.

Still another haunting recollection of the days of Nazi persecution could be seen only this week when West Bank Palestinian negotiators, on their way to a preliminary "peace talk" session with Israeli representatives, were stopped at an Israeli checkpoint and turned back.

The two sides had been holding regular meetings in preparation for the big peace conference in Annapolis, Maryland, in the United States. That would-be peace negotiators were blocked at a militant checkpoint on a public highway gives us a sense of a generalresistance to any true peace talks. That resistance appears to be staged by Israel, not the Palestinians.

While declaring an interest in talking peace out of one side of their mouths, the Israeli leadership appears to be making an all-out effort to continue its hard line against the Palestinian people, thus stimulating continued problems with militant group Hamas, which seized control of the Gaza strip earlier this year.

Also involved in this complex issue is the Palestine Liberation Organization, or PLO, which is a multi-party confederation that includes yet another militant wing known as Fatah. Both Fatah and Hamas have been active both politically and in militant terrorist attacks against Israel.

The Israeli propaganda machine has used the attacks by these two groups to justify its own hard-line actions against the Palestinians. It should be understood, however, that this complex political mess, which has been boiling ever since the Jews moved into the territory and established themselves as a nation within a nation in 1948, is a double-edged sword. The Jews in this case are the invaders of the old territory of Palestine, a land that has been occupied by the people of Palestine for thousands of years.

The irony in all of this is that genetic researchers, and archaeological researchers, even in Israel, are both coming to the conclusion at about the same time that the Jews and Palestinians have the same genetic roots. They appear to be separated by their religious creed alone. They are either Jewish or Islamic. They worship in either synagogs or mosks. And for that, they hate one another. And that hatred flies against everything taught by the high priests and doctrines of either faith.

What is worse, it appears that the Israeli military, which has a lot of support from the Christian influenced United States government, may have genocide on its mind when it comes to dealing with the Moslem people.

That the US assault on Iraq has left that nation in shambles, locked in what appears to be a civil war that could rage for years, and with an estimated million Iraqis already killed, could only be the beginning of the atrocities being carried out in that region.

Israel is warning that Iran is developing a nuclear bomb, and intends to use it to destroy the Jewish State. It is warning that Iranian military installations, and especially the buildings where nuclear research is being carried out, must be bombed before this happens. The political climate in the United States appears to be holding President George W. Bush in check for the present. So will Israel launch such an attack?

The scary part of this story is that Israel has a very large arsenal of nuclear weaponry. Thanks to the United States, both Israel and nearby Pakistan are both nuclear powers. And both countries are struggling in the heart of extreme political instability.

We should worry.