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Tiny Humanoid Remains Support Luciferian Story


By James Donahue


The discovery of an 18,000 to 90,000-year-old humanoid skeleton on the Island of Flores, Indonesia, has caused a stir in the anthropological world.


That is because it was an adult no larger than a three-year-old child, with the brain of a grapefruit. Also found with the remains are bones of dwarf elephants, giant rats, komodo dragons, stone tools and evidence of fire.


The stir also involves something tragic that happened to the skeletal remains while being transported, or while in the hands of researcher Teuko Jacob, an Indonesian scientist who brought them to his lab in Yogyakarta for detailed examination. They were returned extensively damaged.


The findings suggest that there was a very strange world that once existed on Flores, unlike anything contemporary anthropologists have perceived from the information previously found.


Since the skeletal remains were found in 2003, there has been a general consensus that it is a new species of human. Thus we have the Homo Floresiensis, named after the island on which they were found. This subject still is being debated by the old school of anthropology, as things like this usually are, because professors tend to get stuck in ruts and find it hard to budge when old theories are challenged by new discoveries.


Theories have ranged from small humans suffering from microcephaly to genetic dwarfism. But the leader of the discovery team, Archaeology Professor Mike Morwood, says he believes there was a whole community living at the site.


The “little people” strangely resemble the Hobbit characters depicted in Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings, and thus have been nicknamed Hobbits.


What is unique about this new humanoid is that if the anthropologists are correct, it existed on Earth at the same time as Homo sapiens and Neanderthal.


Its existence is difficult for contemporary science to deal with because the science holds to a tight construct that requires an evolution from one-celled life forms to what exists today. That the humanoid should have branched from apes to so many forms of upright-walking, tool-making hunters before one species made the final leap to become modern man does not fit within the mold.


Rather than throw out the mold and look for alternative ideas, anthropologists appear to be willing to pretend the bones do not exist, or that they were a freak of nature. One was so troubled by what he saw, we believe there was at least a subconscious effort to destroy the evidence.


To the Luciferian, however, there is no problem. We believe the alien we call Lucifer spent a long time experimenting with the genetic makeup of the ape before coming up with a final product. This explains the wide variety of humanoid skulls and bone fragments found in the rocks.


We also believe that we have been down this road before, and that intelligent life existed on Earth in the distant past, only to be cast into extinction by catastrophic events.


We welcome Homo Floresiensis to the family of early humanoids. She (it is the skeleton of a woman) gives us further proof of our real origin.