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Gates-Buffett $90 Billion Giveaway Totally Wasted


By James Donahue

June 30, 2006


If they were not so blinded by the Christian-driven concept of humanitarian correctness, the great wealth of Warren Buffett and Bill Gates would be directed toward saving the Earth or building an escape mechanism for a remnant of humanity.


Instead, these two men have joined forces to fight world hunger and disease, attempt to find a cure for AIDS, and assure every American a good education. This would be a wonderful goal if we were not a dying race living on a dying planet. What good will a good education and good health do an individual when the planet he or she occupies is quickly losing its ability to support life?


That unspoken issue, unfortunately, is a by-product of the real disaster that is even now starting to bring about the demise of the human race. We have overpopulated our planet with spiritually blinded and materialistic zombies that are fighting over the last scraps of the world’s natural resources.


The irony is that we do not recognize the real cause of our wars. We substitute religious and ideological differences, ignoring the real issues involving oil, potable water and food.


Like bacteria living within the confines of a Petri dish, we are breeding and consuming ourselves to the margins of our microscopic world, oblivious to the fact that we will soon reach a point where the food runs out and we all perish.


How ironic too that the two wealthiest men in the world would, within the same month, announce a decision to collectively distribute their wealth and attempt to use it to help the largest number of people.


While we applaud the decision to create a balance through distribution of financial wealth, we find great fault in the way in which they choose to do it. Buffett, who chooses not to be bothered by the task of philanthropy, said he is offering a $31 billion gift to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation that is already in place for the distribution of the Gates fortune.


Thus Buffett is joining the Gates “we feed, they breed” program designed to only intensify the problem of world population instead of solving it.