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Update On Threat Case

By James Donahue

We met with the assistant prosecutor and a sergeant with the local police department today, to discuss the incident at our home. We were told that there was enough evidence on the video footage and from what the investigating officers saw to charge the drunk young man who threatened us with a misdemeanor.

The problem is that the charge would probably not put this man in jail, but merely force him to appear before a judge, face some probation time and pay a fine. The prosecutor said he was concerned that the action might stir even more misbehavior by this man, and that rather than bring peace to our neighborhood, it would intensify the trouble we were having.

It was a logical argument and it made sense.

In the meantime, the man issued two more verbal assaults . . . one from his house as someone from our house was walking past and the other on Aaron's website, in response to statements published there concerning this case. The police were called once more because of the things he said aloud.

The prosecutor said the officer that responded gave this man a harsh warning that one more complaint and he would be going to jail. He said the police "really got in his face." He agreed that what was said and done at both times was "inappropriate."

We are letting the matter rest for a few days. Unfortunately, police can't take action until a crime is committed. There is no way that they can move before the crime, even though Aaron, as a prophet and amazing psychic, can forsee the crime before it occurs.

So this is our dilemma.

At least the police and the prosecutor are aware of our problem, they are watching it closely, and are prepared to step in and take action at any moment.